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  1. message
  2. Relationship Skills
  3. Attitudes
  4. physical environment
  5. Competent Communicator
  1. a someone who incorporated knowledge, attitude, and skills into his communication
  2. b impact others, influence the way you see people, manageable by recognizing how they are formed
  3. c provides surroundings or space for communication to take place, influences quality of interaction within physical space
  4. d conveys meaning, feeling, and various kinds of energy from sender; info exchanged between communicators
  5. e things needs to nurture and maintain goodwill with people (tacy, courtesy, respect)

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  1. creates meaning, sends, and receives messages, and exchanges meaning
  2. situation in which communication occurs
  3. tone in which interaction takes place, influences emotional, attitudinal, and intellectual tone of communication
  4. considering needs, desires, and limitations of others
  5. one that involves an exchange

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  1. Task Standardknow behavior that is necessary


  2. Appropriatenesswhat is suitable for a specific situation


  3. Rolepart played in a specific setting or situation


  4. Occasion Standardtime, place, purpose of an event


  5. Standardestablished level of requirement or excellence