parliamentary procedure terms

41 terms by julinaj96

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to refrain from something

ad hoc committee

special committee


to close the meeting


to vote, to accept


an outline of the items of the business to be brought before the assembly during the meeting


to make change to a motion; it can be additions, deletions, or substitutions.


an examination of final records


a written form used in voting: a method of voting; a list of candidates for office


the specific rules that govern an organization, written by the members


adopted, accepted


a meeting of the members of a political party to make policy decisions and select candidates


chairman, presiding officer, president


a group of members who meet for a specific purpose or task


the fundamental rules and laws governing a group or organization


assemble formally


to discuss


to pay out


a mallet used by the presiding officer


closely related to or having a direct bearing upon; used in relation to amendments which must be "germane" to the motion being amended

has the floor

has the right to speak

lay on the table

a motion made to put the current motion on hold until a later time


more than 50% of the votes cast by persons legally entilted to vote.


a record of all the proceeding preformed at the meeting


in the precedence of motions, if the motion takes precedence over another motion, the motion is said " to yield " to the first


a formal proposal in a meeting, made by a member and brought before the assembly for consideration

out of order

to speak out of turn; the person does not have the floor legally

order of the day

to ask the presiding officer to reveal the order of business of the agenda for that meeting


the large number of votes cast when there are more than two choices

point of information

a motion made when a member needs to gather additional information or ask a question

point of order

a motion made to point out that a mistake has occurred in parlimentary procedure


has priority over, or ranks above other motions


an authorized agent or a substitute for another person


the minimum number of members needed to transact business legally; a quorum is a majority of the entire membership


a written acknowledgement that something has been received


a short intermission which does not close the meeting; business will be resumed after the break


to acknowledge a member to speak or take the floor


to make void; to take back to motion

standing committee

a committee that meets year around for a purpose

special committee

a committee that meets for a particular purpose; and then when it has accomplished its purpose, the committee is disbanded

special meeting

a meeting which is held for only a specific purpose; a normal agenda will not be used.

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