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a state agency established and defined by the Texas Family Code that investigates reports of child abuse and neglect, provides services to children and families in their own homes, provides services to youth in foster care to make the transition into adulthood, and places children in adoptive homes

child protective services

casework begins with an __________ of abuse or neglect


texas family code section 261.101 (a) states that "a __________ having cause to believe that a child's physical or mental health or welfare has been adversely affected by abuse or neglect by any person shall __________ make a report"

child; immediately

1st step in the process of a CPS case: report is called into the __________ _________ _________

child abuse hotline

2nd step in the process of a CPS case: statewide intake assigns a _________ and then to an __________ unit

priority; investigative

what umbrella does CPS fall under?

texas health and human services commission

how many agencies fall under CPS?


what are the 3 agencies that fall under CPS?

investigations; family based safety services; conservatorship

CPS intake priorities: acute cases

priority 1

CPS intake priorities: CPS responds within 72 hours of intake

priority 2

CPS intake priorities: case does not involve abuse or neglect or CPS does not have jurisdiction

no priority

what is the decision to remove a child based on?

imminent danger to the child's life/limb

who is required to report abuse and neglect?


what is the failure of any person to report suspected child abuse or neglect charged with?

class b misdemeanor

what does a class b misdemeanor result in?

jail time

what region are we in?

region 3

how many cases does an average investigator have on their workload at a time?


the alliance for children facilitates joint investigations between law enforcement and CPS by housing the __________ __________

multidisciplinary team

if the safety threat or danger against the child exists now, and CPS must move immediately to ensure the safety of the child, the threat is said to be __________


if the safety threat or danger against the child is very likely to be present due to various aspects, and CPS must plan for the child's safety in the very near future, the threat is said to be __________


what are the three family decision making models to ensure families are involved in the protection of their children?

family team meetings; family group conferences; circle of support

family group decision making: emergency meeting of available family members to address the immediate safety of a child

family team meetings

family group decision making: meeting of extended family, friends, etc. to ensure the mitigation of risk to a child and develop a plan of service for the child and family

family group conferences

family group decision making: meeting of extended family, friends, service providers, etc. to ensure the well being of a child about to age out of CPS care

circle of support

what is the most important strength a family has?

capacity to protect its own children

what are the two alternatives to removal?

parental child safety placement and family based safety services

alternative to removal: parent agrees to voluntarily place their child(ten) in the care of a relative or family friend on a temporary basis

parental child safety placement

alternative to removal: provides families with in home CPS monitoring and services

family based safety services

a cps investigation must be closed and given a disposition within _____ days from the date of intake


the burden of proof: 99.9%

beyond reasonable doubt

the burden of proof: 75%

clear and convincing evidence

the burden of proof: 51%

preponderance of the evidence

the burden of proof: e.g. arrest

probable cause

the burden of proof: e.g. emergency removal

reasonable suspicion

what re the goals of CPS?

family reunification; permanent custody to relative/kin; termination of parental rights and adoption; foster care system

in the case that a child is over 16, cps usually goes back and does a full case review to make sure they didn't miss anybody

permanency round table

are cps workers armed or disarmed?


because cps workers are disarmed, what three things do they rely on for safety?

instincts; de escalation; law enforcement

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