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  1. What is a simile?
  2. How does the narrator get caught in his crime?
  3. Does our narrator feel guilty for killing Pluto?
  4. What is an example of foreshadowing in the story?
  5. What was the narrator's name?
  1. a The white splotch that looks like the gallows--hints that death will find our narrator
  2. b Yes
  3. c a comparison using like or as
  4. d We are not told this information.
  5. e He hits the wall with his cane, and the cat lets out a horrible sounding scream.

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  1. Pluto
  2. He says he will die tomorrow in the first paragraph. He says he is in a felon's cell. He says the cat sent him to the hangman.
  3. They are black. They are missing an eye.
  4. a reference that the author expects you to know
  5. Virginia, his first cousin

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  1. Why does the narrator originally not kill the black cat?He is ashamed of what he did to Pluto. He dreads the cat.


  2. What is prose?Writing in everyday language; written in paragraphs


  3. What does the narrator do with the body of his wife?The black cat


  4. Why did people make fun of the narrator when he was younger?He was sensitive and tender hearted.


  5. Where does the new black cat come from in the story?He follows him everywhere. He is there all the time--even when the narrator is sleeping.