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  1. What is an allusion?
  2. How does the narrator kill Pluto?
  3. Why does the narrator originally not kill the black cat?
  4. How does the narrator get caught in his crime?
  5. What is a speaker?
  1. a He is ashamed of what he did to Pluto. He dreads the cat.
  2. b a reference that the author expects you to know
  3. c He hits the wall with his cane, and the cat lets out a horrible sounding scream.
  4. d the narrator of a poem
  5. e He hangs him from a tree in the garden.

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  1. An imprint of a cat with a noose around its neck
  2. The black cat
  3. a barrell
  4. hints given that tell readers what may happen in the story
  5. Virginia, his first cousin

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  1. What happens on the same night that the narrator kills Pluto?His house burns.


  2. What was the narrator's name?Pluto


  3. What does felicity mean?abnormal


  4. What is personification?Giving nonhuman things human characteristics


  5. What does the new cat have on his chest?He has a white splotch that is shaped like a hangman's noose.