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  1. What is characterization?
  2. What is personification?
  3. What is prose?
  4. What is the first black cat's name?
  5. What does anomalous mean?
  1. a abnormal
  2. b Pluto
  3. c Giving nonhuman things human characteristics
  4. d methods used by a writer to introduce or describe characters to readers
  5. e Writing in everyday language; written in paragraphs

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  1. a reference that the author expects you to know
  2. a sudden, unexpected change in a story
  3. the narrator of a poem
  4. happiness
  5. They are black. They are missing an eye.

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  1. What does the new cat have on his chest?He has a white splotch that is shaped like a hangman's noose.


  2. What is an example of foreshadowing in the story?The white splotch that looks like the gallows--hints that death will find our narrator


  3. What is a metaphor?the narrator of a poem


  4. What is a conflagration?Giving nonhuman things human characteristics


  5. Where does the new black cat come from in the story?The cat follows the narrator home from a tavern one night. He was sitting on top of a hogshead.


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