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Mrs Barkers 4th grade Science Chapter 5

Three Fourths

this much of the earth is covered in water


is anything that takes up space and has weight


are the smallest piece of a substance that still has the qualities of that substance

Hydrogen and Oxygen

this is what water is made of


molecules packed in THIS are packed CLOSE together


molecules in THIS are the FASTEST moving molecules


has no shape of its own and does not fill up a fixed amount of space

Surface Tension

the property of water that allows things to float in it

32° F

water changes to ice at this temperature


causes molecules to move more rapidly


is the ability to do work


a push or pull on an object


the force which draws things down toward the center of the earth


supplies the energy in steam


the gas that makes up most of the air


extends 1,000 miles

Air Pressure

the weight of the atmosphere creates THIS


the process by which liquid water becomes water vapor


the process of changing water vapor back to liquid water


a rain or storm cloud


any form of water that falls from the clouds to the earth


the amount of water vapor in the air


frozen water vapor formed in the air

Dew Point

the temperature which water condenses

Air Mass

a large body of air which has the same temperature and humidity

212° F

the temperature at which water boils


frozen raindrops that have been blown back into the cloud to form more frozen layers


a cloud on the ground

Be able to explain the water cycle

Be able to explain the water cycle

Be able to identify these types of clouds

Cirrus, Cumulus, and Stratus Clouds

Be able to identify these birds

California Gull and Common Loon

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