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week 13 fall LAST ONE!!!:)


a face-to-face meeting of active opponents with a view to defying, exploring, and possibly settling their differences

credibility gap

an inconsistency between a person's stated pledge or statement and the actual truth




a legal or other restriction or prohibition imposed upon commerce


a public disclosure of a secret, discreditable act


data put into a computer


a projectile type of war weapon


a device used to keep close surveillance or check on broadcasts, propaganda, plots, etc.


legal or arbitrary expropriation by a governmant of industries, land, or alien industries and properties within its territory


a meeting between representatives of contesting parties in an endeavor by disscussion and dickering to arrive at a settlement of their differences

persona non grata

an emissary, diplomatic representative

prima facie

at first sight


a vivid biographical sketch of an individual


a temporary reduction in general economic activity


a detailed working outline or synopsis of the plot of a dramatic work


a mental disorder characterized by a split in personality


a meeting between chiefs of state or heads of government of two countries in order to improve relations


the symbolic admittance of a limited number of minority members of society into schools or businesses as in compliance with the civil rights law

urban renewal

rehabilitation of a dilapidated city areas

value judgment

a judgment reflecting one's personal view

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