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Mr. Belden and Ms Collins Unit three vocab

Mr. Belden's Unit three vocabulary.
(v.) to assign or distribute into shares or portions
The teacher _________ books and supplies to each student on the first day of school.
SYNONYMS: apportion, parcel out, allocate
(v.) to bring together, collect, gather, especially for oneself; to come together, assemble
A prudent investor can ____________ a fortune in the stock market over the long run.
SYNONYMS: accumulate, pile up, garner
ANTONYMS: scatter, dissipate, squander, waste
(adj.) bold, adventurous, recklessly daring
The audience cheered the _________ feats of the trapeze artists.
SYNONYMS (enterprising, brave
ANTONYMS: timid, cowardly
(v.) to yield to a request or command
Employees who fail to ____________ with a company's rules may lose their jobs.
SYNONYMS: submit to, consent to, acquiesce in
ANTONYMS reject, refuse, decline
(adj.) not having or using, lacking
The old well on my grandparent's property has long been __________ of water
SYNONYMS: wanting, bereft
ANTONYMS: full, teeming, abounding
(n.) the choice part of a group of people or things; (adj.) superior
Each year, the social _____________ of the community sponsors several events to benefit local charities.
You can get a fine education regardless of whether you attend an __________ school.

SYNONYMS (n.) cream of the crop, upper crust
ANTONYMS: (n.) rank and file, dregs of society.
(n.) an iron hook used to grab and hold; (v.) to come to grips with, wrestle or fight with
A ship equipped with _______________ may be used to recover large pieces of wreckage from the ocean floor.
Store employees ____________ with the thieves and held them off until the police arrived.
SYNONYMS: (v.) tackle, confront, struggle with
(v.) to deprive of strength or ability; to make legally ineligible
in the 1940s and 1950s, polio _____________ many thousands of people each year all over the world.
(v.) to urge on; to stir up, provoke, start, incite
several demonstrators in the angry crowd did their best to ____________ a riot.
ANTONYMS: stop, quell, squelch, quash
(n.) long life, long duration, length of life
the sea turtle is known for its ___________
ANTONYMS: brevity, transience
(adj.) in very great numbers; (n.) a very great number
Scientists continue to make new discoveries in their studies of the ___________ life forms of the jungle.
You will find information on a ______________ of subject on the internet.
SYNONYMS: (adj.) innumerable, countless
ANTONYMS: (adj) few, scant, sparse
(n.) a point of view or general standpoint from which different things are viewed, physically or mentally; the appearance to the eye of various objects at a given time, place, or distance
the designs for the children's playhouse were drawn to scale and in the right ___________
SYNONYMS: viewpoint, sense of proportion
(v.) to trouble, make uneasy; to disturb greatly; to throw into confusion
The rude and disruptive behavior of several party guests ________________ the host and hostess
SYNONYMS: upset, agitate, anger, irritate
ANTONYMS: delight, gladden, please
(adj.) immense; extraordianry in bulk, size, or degree
Few intellects have rivaled the _____________ mind of Albert Einstein
SYNONYMS: gigantic, tremendous, astounding
ANTONYMS: puny, miniscule, insignificant
(adj.) connected with or related to the matter at hand
I found several Web sites that provided information ___________________ to the topic of my research paper.
SYNONYMS: pertinent, germane, applicable
ANTONYMS: unconnected, extraneous
(adj.) extremely nervous and easily frightened; shy or timid; extremely cautious; unstable, undependable
only an experience and confident rider should mount a ________________ horse.
SYNONYMS: jumpy, restive, capricious, fickle
ANTONYMS: bold, daring, reckless, cool, unflappable
(n.) a rope or chain used to fasten something to a fixed object; the outer limit of strength or resources; (v.) to fasten with a rope or chain.
Some young people find it difficult to break the emotional and financial ______________ that bind them to their parents.
Before the storm, I _________________ the boat securely to the dock.
SYNONYMS: (v.) tie up, chain up, leash
ANTONYMS: (v.) untie, let loose.
(n.) a sounding together; agreement or accord
The members of our new student orchaestra need to practice playing in ____________
SYNONYMS: harmony, concord, assent
(v.) to compete; to strive for victory or superiority
Many actors ________________ for the leading role in the famous director's new film
SYNONYMS: contend, rival
(adj.) stubbornly self willed; done on purpose, deliberate
After lengthy deliberations, the jury found the defendant guilty of ___________ murder.
SYNONYMS: headstrong, obstinate, premeditated
ANTONYMS: docile, obedient, tractable