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This is for Physics Chapter 1 - 2.3 Test.

If an assignment covers material that has not been addressed in class, what should you do?

check with your instructor

Who is responsible for setting or changing the due date of your assignment?

your teacher or someone designated by your teacher

Who makes your assignments in WebAssign?

your teacher

w can you tell how many submissions are allowed for each question part?

Click Show Details in the header of the question.

To protect your answers after completing an assignment, what should you do?

exit your browser or click the logout link at the top of any WebAssign page

Why should you always start a session with WebAssign by going to and logging in?

If you skip the login page, WebAssign won't know who is taking the assignment.

Why is it a bad idea to reload a page?

Depending on how you arrived at the page, reloading or refreshing may resubmit your assignment and use up one of your submission allowances.

Which of the following MUST be enabled on your browser?

Java or JavaScript

Because the Internet is not 100% reliable,

None of these statements is correct.

Why is physics the most basic science?

The concepts of physics are the foundation of other sciences.

Why is mathematics important to science?

Math is unambiguous (no double meaning)

Why is the use of mathematics minimized in this book?

English is more familiar and is easier to understand

What is meant by the term "scientific method"?

It is a method that is effective in gaining, organizing, and applying new knowledge.

Is a scientific fact something that is absolute and unchanging? Explain.

No, scientific facts can change, given compelling evidence.

Scientific theories undergo change. Is this a strength or a weakness of science? Explain.

A strength; change can nurture growth.

Why do citizens have a responsibility to have some basic understanding of nature's rules?

To give citizens more power over nature and more responsibility.

What does it mean to say that if a hypothesis is scientific, then there must be a means of proving it wrong?

A hypothesis is outside the domain of science if it has no wrongness test.

Why does science tend to be a "self-correcting" way of knowing about things?

Refinements and improvements of scientific findings are part of normal scientific activity. Findings are checked and crosschecked by other scientists.

What is likely being misunderstood by someone who says, "But that's only a scientific theory"?

The distinction between hypothesis and theory.

Which of the following should you do when you complete the lab?

Return all materials and apparatus to the places specified by your instructor and clean the work area.

Which of the following is considered safety equipment for our lab?

eye wash, fire extinguisher, fire blanket, first aid kid

An accident or injury should be reported to the teacher

Always, immediately.

Playing (as opposed to working) in the laboratory

will result in a score of zero in the lab.

In the laboratory, you should be cautious of

flammable clothing, dangling jewelry, loose clothing

As a lab safety precaution, long hair must be

pulled back.

In the laboratory students cannot

wear open toed shoes, go barefoot, wear flip flops

Eating and drinking are prohibited in the laboratory primarily because

it leads to hazard to lab equipment.

Under what condition(s) may a student conduct lab work without the teacher's supervision?


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