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1. The layer of gases that surrounds Earth. We watched on television on the space shuttle entered the ________ after its mission to the moon was over. 2. A surrounding mood or environment. Our house has a merry ______ during the holiday season.


Possible to get. There were five seats _______.


A touching or meeting of persons or things. My uncle burned his arm when it cam in ______ with the hot stove.


Harm that makes things less valuable or useful. _______ to the city totaled in the millions of dollars after the storm.


Great damage or ruin. The tornadoes caused a lot of __________ in our neighborhood.


Storms with strong winds and heavy rain. _______ can rip trees out of the ground.


A piece of land. If you're thinking of building a house, the ________ next to my house is for sale.


A large wave or series of waves during a storm. The storm _______ caused a lot of damage along the coast.

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