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discovering and addressing the educational expectations and needs of the community
Sound public understanding and support of the schools is likely to be most enhanced by the administrator who gives first consideration to
Parents may challenge the content of their child's school record.
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act mandates which of the following?
Paraphrasing, surveying, and summarizing
Adeptness in which of the following skills is usually associated with team leaders who effectively manage the individual differences and divergent behaviors of members of a teaching team?
Weighting the pupil units to allow for the extra costs involved in educating atypical children
Which of the following is the most significant feature of the "weighted pupil unit" formula used by many states to allocate educational funds to local school districts?
geared to the intended audience
After an administrator has determined her or his objective in preparing a written message, primary attention should be paid to making certain that the message is
The motivational factor caused by the additional attention participants are given
A school district that has implemented a research design and wants to control for the Hawthorne effect will be controlling for which of the following?
Offering a music course that traces the influences of various ethnic traditions in American music
Which of the following activities represents the most comprehensive approach to multicultural education?
In-school suspension programs deal with student misbehavior as a symptom of an underlying problem that should be the focus of identification and correction.
Which of the following philosophical ideas provides the most solid foundation for a successful in-school suspension program for disruptive students?
improve attendance and focus and reduce anxiety and aggression
An elementary school currently offers a universal free-lunch program. The principal would like to extend the program to include universal free breakfast. When stating the case for universal breakfast to the superintendent and board of education, the principal should primarily highlight that school breakfast programs
Admit to not knowing the answer but promise to find out.
When a school administrator cannot answer a question posed by a newspaper reporter, which of the following is the best strategy?
West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette
In which of the following cases did the United States Supreme Court in 1943 determine that a state may not require pupils to attend educational exercises involving compulsory rituals, such as flag salutes?
Accurately match what is being said with what is being felt
Theoretically, interpersonal communication is likely to be most effective when the parties to the process do which of the following?
Students are entitled to wear armbands to express political views without threat of suspension.
Which of the following student rights was affirmed by the 1969 United States Supreme Court decision in Tinker v. Des Moines?
a principal cedes authority over certain decisions within a school to faculty groups or to school councils
Shared decision making (SDMS D M) as a system for school governance refers to a system in which
Pose personally meaningful questions related to topics that cut across disciplines
According to the recommendations of the middle school reform movement, higher-order thinking in science class would best be fostered in adolescents by presenting them with opportunities to do which of the following?
First-year chorus is limited to freshman girls.
Which of the following course requirements, if found in a public high school curriculum handbook, would constitute a violation of federal law?
expand their opportunities to learn, experiment, consult, and evaluate
Traditionally, professional development programs for teachers have focused on developing their technical skills. In contrast, educational reform movements stress that teacher training would be more effective if it focused on helping teachers to
While the principal is not expected to be fully knowledgeable in specific aspects of plant operation, he or she is usually responsible for the overall supervising of plant operations and for evaluating the effectiveness of the plant operations staff.
Which of the following provides the description of the principal's responsibility for plant operation?
career education is part of the content of various subject areas
Career education can be infused into the curriculum of a comprehensive high school. In practice, this means that
Asking the teachers to list their respective course objectives and requirements so that the group can discuss them, and then compiling the information generated in that discussion to determine an appropriate range for course requirements
The social studies teachers at Central High vary considerably in the academic demands they place on students. Therefore, teaching and supervisory staffs have decided jointly to consider methods for determining a common set of expectations for performance in social studies courses at the school. Which of the following methods would be most suitable?
coordination, arising from a difference in the functions that the school and the agency serve in the community
A school that is attempting to work with community agencies in providing services for students is most likely to encounter a problem of
a norm-referenced test
A principal wants to collect data to compare students at a given grade level at one school with similar students across the country. It would be most appropriate to administer
Meet with the teacher to discuss the concerns expressed by the parent and review the child's performance in class
A parent sends an e-mail to the principal of an elementary school requesting that her child be transferred to the class of another teacher. The parent explains that the child's current teacher uses instructional methods that conflict with the child's learning style. Which of the following should the principal do first in response to the parent's request?
Arranging for translators to be available during and after the presentation; Providing a summary of the pertinent information translated into the parents' first language
The principal in a district with a diverse linguistic population plans to explain the state's new standardized test at an upcoming parent meeting. Which TWO of the following actions should the principal take to ensure that parents are able to understand the information presented at the meeting?
Cultivating and modeling an appreciation of diversity
Which of the following actions should a principal take to improve teachers' commitment to a positive school culture?
Developing mutually beneficial relationships with community organizations
Which of the following is the most effective way for a principal to foster the sharing of school and community resources?
Providing the faculty with the knowledge needed to solve problems ethically
Which of the following is the first step an educational leader should take to promote ethical behavior among the faculty?
Subskill reading assessment scores
The chairperson of the reading department in a middle school observes that reading scores have shown a steady decline for the last few years. Which of the following data sets will be most valuable to the chairperson when making adjustments to the middle school reading program?
elicit constructive discussion to identify and resolve problem areas in the crisis management plan
The primary purpose of conducting tabletop exercises with a crisis management team is to
retain focus on the school's most important purpose
A new principal displays the school's mission statement in prominent places in the building and refers to it in each faculty meeting and school newsletter. The primary benefit of this practice is that stakeholders
measuring progress against a benchmark
During an annual review of district programs, a superintendent refers to the district improvement plan to assess the effectiveness of various programs. In doing so, the superintendent demonstrates an understanding of the importance of
Establishing clear behavioral expectations for all students
A supervisor of instruction is reviewing Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBISP B I S) with a teacher who struggles with student misbehavior. Which of the following components of PBISP B I S should the supervisor emphasize first?
Approve the request, since schools can grant excused absences under special circumstances
A principal receives a request from an active-duty military parent who is about to deploy. The parent requests that the school approve the student's absence from school for a week so the family can spend time together. Which of the following is the principal's best response to the parent?
Tutoring programs for English-language learners
A school district is permitted to use Title III monies to fund which of the following?
Acknowledging the request during the meeting but refocusing the discussion on parent council matters
A political group rents a storefront opposite a middle school and daily distributes its literature to passersby, including students. The chair of the parent council has requested that the principal add a discussion of the group's actions to the next council agenda. Which of the following is the principal's best response to the chair's request?
Promoting collegial interactions and discussions; Encouraging shared leadership among teachers
According to research, which TWO of the following strategies by a principal are effective in changing a school culture?
Implementing a schoolwide counseling and antibullying program
A guidance counselor informs the principal that an anonymous student survey on bullying reveals that one in four students experiences bullying in school. Which of the following is the principal's best response to the findings in the survey?
To notify the community of school events; To share links to school and district Web sites
Which TWO of the following are valid reasons for a high school to use a social networking service for microblogging?
Building a shared vision among various stakeholders
Which of the following is the best reason for a school leader to ask teachers, parents, and other community members for suggestions on how to improve teaching and learning at the school?
Working with teachers to set goals and implement processes for meeting the needs of ELLs
A school leadership team observes that many teachers hold lower expectations for English-language learners (ELLsE L Ls). Which of the following is the most appropriate initial action for the team to take to encourage greater support for ELLsE L Ls?
Building time in teachers' schedules to meet with their PLCsP L Cs
Which of the following actions by a school leader will best promote the successful implementation of professional learning communities (PLCsP L Cs) ?
Replacing damaged carpeting in the hallways and classrooms
Which of the following is a capital outlay?
Comparing the performance of seventh graders on the annual state assessment with the performance of previous seventh graders
A curriculum director wants to assess the effectiveness of a seventh-grade science curriculum that has been in place for one year. Which of the following methods will provide the director with the most valuable data?
Making school facilities available for public use; Cosponsoring programs with local organizations
Which TWO of the following practices strengthen the partnership between the school district and the greater community?
Perceptual data from student and parent surveys
A middle school instructional supervisor wants to address the achievement gap in mathematics between male and female students. Which of the following types of data can best help determine if a competitive testing environment is a possible cause of the discrepancy?
The district's vision of student success
Which of the following information about a school district is most likely to build support among community stakeholders for the district's educational mission?
In their professional learning community
In which of the following contexts are teachers most likely to freely recognize and address positive and negative beliefs about students?
"The district calendar requires that school be in session, but the students involved will be excused from classes on those days."
Representatives from a small religious group have contacted a superintendent requesting that school be closed during a week in April to observe their religious holiday. The group believes that they deserve the same considerations as other religious groups who have time off from school during their religious holidays. Which of the following is the superintendent's most appropriate response to the group's request?
promoting an inclusive school environment
A principal plans to provide professional development for teachers and staff on the cultural values of families in their ethnically diverse community. By taking this initiative, the principal demonstrates an understanding of the value of
Monitoring progress toward meeting the goals at set intervals
Which of the following actions is most important for a superintendent to take to ensure that faculty and staff are implementing goals associated with the district's shared vision?
capabilities of the paraprofessional to provide meaningful support
Ms. Colavito, an instructional paraprofessional, tells the principal that her supervising teacher is giving her tasks that are beyond her level of training. The principal can best respond to the situation by reminding the supervising teacher to consider first the
maintaining transparency when implementing policies, administrative rules, and regulations
A superintendent can best model integrity and ethical behavior by
Where am I now in relation to my personal goal?
Which of the following questions will best help a school leader determine his or her reflective baseline?
Strategic planning
Which of the following is the most critical area for the superintendent to address when striving to achieve the district's vision and goals?
Offering parents meeting times from early morning through the evening
Which of the following is the most appropriate strategy for a principal to use to facilitate the participation of working parents in parent-teacher conferences?
Deciding the types of data to collect and analyze
Which of the following is the best initial step for a school leadership team to take when using data to guide ongoing school improvement?
an internal auditor; certified public accountant
A superintendent of a large public school district wants to ensure that the district's expenditures are in compliance with government accounting procedures. First, the superintendent should ask (i)
to examine the activities and procedures from the past fiscal year and provide an evaluation of operational efficiencies to share with the school board. Additionally, the school board should seek a (ii)
to perform an independent audit of the school district.
Revealing beliefs through
attitudes and actions
Establishing positive
and productive interactions
with stakeholders
Understanding the value
of intangibles
Having capable
decision-making skills
identified by a committee made up of representatives of the school staff, parents, and students
A superintendent must recommend someone to fill a vacant principalship in a high school that has been criticized by parents and students for the lack of relevance in its instructional program. The superintendent can most appropriately advise that a candidate be selected from a candidate pool
Arranging a confidential medical evaluation for the employee with a licensed health-care provider
Which of the following is a school leader's best first action after the report of an incident in which an employee had direct contact with blood or other potentially infectious materials?
Making across-the-board budget reductions
Which of the following is the most effective method for cutting a district's operating costs while retaining the integrity of district programs?
Posting the school's achievements each month on the district and school Web sites
To obtain community support for future projects and initiatives, a principal plans to update community members on recent achievements at the school. Which of the following actions is the most effective way for the principal to accomplish the goal?
Approving procurement requests based on objective district guidelines and board policy
Which of the following practices best demonstrates fiscal responsibility by a superintendent?
Allowing flexible class-scheduling formats in all schools in the district
Which of the following factors has the most direct effect on teaching and learning?
Ensuring that the teacher is given due process
Which of the following is the superintendent's most important responsibility when terminating a teacher's employment for cause?
How does the program align with the district's educational goals?
Which of the following is the most important question for a district technology director to consider before purchasing an online learning program?
Promoting teachers' ability to understand multiple viewpoints
Which of the following is the most appropriate action a principal can take to encourage teachers' acceptance of students from diverse cultures?
A superintendent suggests that the board of education make public the regulations for the district's budget development process. The superintendent's suggestion shows an effort to demonstrate the district's
Afraid to go to school; Low self-esteem
A principal providing training to teachers on bullying prevention shares some common characteristics of students who are bullied. Which TWO of the following are commonly shared characteristics?
coordinate the departments within the school that support health and wellness
The primary responsibility of the principal with regard to a school's health and wellness program is to
Including representatives from each stakeholder group to collaborate in the planning process
Which of the following practices best gathers diverse input for developing a district's mission and objectives?
Promoting teachers' use of formative assessment to inform ongoing teaching and learning
Which of the following actions by a superintendent encourages data-driven decision making?
Evaluating the alignment of the program to district goals and student needs
A radio station expresses interest in partnering with a local school to develop a program to strengthen students' written and oral communication skills. Which of the following should be the superintendent's initial consideration before forming the partnership?
The placement of a child with an employee for foster care
Under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLAF M L A) of 1993, which of the following is a qualifying condition for a district employee to apply for a leave of absence?
Providing administrators and teacher leaders with training on organizational health concepts
Which of the following is a superintendent's best first step to improve the climate of a school district and its schools?
An educational leader who collaborates with others to identify needs, create a vision for meeting the needs, and provide ongoing motivation and inspiration to make changes demonstrates which of the following leadership styles?
Summative assessment
Which of the following assessments provides a superintendent with the most valuable information for deciding whether to reappoint a principal for the coming year?
Data can be retrieved and organized in a variety of combinations.
Which of the following is the most significant advantage of using digital tools when examining student data for the purpose of informing instruction?
Establishing a food assistance program
Which of the following actions by a principal is most likely to improve the academic performance of students living in poverty?
Academic freedom
The philosophy statement below is appropriate to introduce which of the following district policies?

The public school system seeks to educate young people in the democratic tradition, to foster an appreciation for individualism and social responsibility, to inspire respect for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and to maintain an atmosphere free from censorship and restraint of inquiry and learning.
Forming a parent advisory council to provide feedback and insight on school process, policies, and initiatives
The new president of the parent-teacher organization (PTOP T O) tells the principal that PTOP T O members want to be meaningfully involved in school programs and activities. In light of the president's request, the principal should give top priority to which of the following?
Collaborating on a joint letter to the governor
A state has cut funding to individual school districts, making it difficult for many of those districts to adequately fund their special education programs. Which of the following is the best initial action for district superintendents to take in response to the situation?
Student enrollment
Which of the following variables exerts the most influence on whether a school uses nontraditional instructional structures, such as multi-age classrooms, interdisciplinary teaching, and school-within-a-school?
They will be expensive to implement.
Which of the following objections to the Common Core State Standards (CCSSC C S S) is most likely to originate from a taxpayers' watchdog group?
Title IX
A school administrator reviews funding for the boys' and girls' basketball teams to determine if they comply with which of the following laws?
Flipped classroom
Which of the following instructional methods is likely to show the greatest increase in use in the next decade?
The achievement gap that exists in general for minority students is more pronounced in their achievement in STEM fields.
Which of the following aspects of the achievement gap is most likely to affect students' access to emerging careers of the twenty-first century?
One of the student's special education teachers
To conform to the provisions of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), I D E A an Individualized Education Program (IEP) I E P team serving a middle school student must contain which of the following members?
The assessments used in CCSSC C S S assessments cover multiple skills in each question and therefore increase critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.
Which of the following is an educational leader's best response to concerns that the Common Core State Standards (CCSSC C S S) reduce the academic rigor of learning standards already in place?
According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, which of the following student needs should a school leader consider meeting first?
Politely reinforce the school's right to choose class placements
Ms. Hynes, an elementary school principal, receives an e-mail from the parents of a third grader. The parents believe the school has not given adequate consideration to the fourth-grade placement of their child and are requesting that their child be placed with the same teacher who taught their older child. If Ms. Hynes believes her original assignment is fair and professional, she should do which of the following?
Gathering data on the actual number of absences for each teacher
An elementary school principal notices that teacher absences seem to be increasing and considers steps to deal with the situation. Which of the following should be the principal's first step?
students who score well on achievement tests and attend school regularly
Researchers studying effective schools often begin their research by identifying a group of effective schools to study. The researchers generally make an initial classification of a school as effective if the school has
Advocating for equity in educational practices
An elementary school principal in a high-poverty area is concerned about the low percentage of students qualifying for gifted-education programs. The principal analyzes the current framework for identifying gifted students and finds that cutoff scores on qualification tests are preventing many students from entering gifted-education programs. The principal determines that students' lack of background knowledge is contributing to the trend and wants to revise the framework for qualification. By doing this, the principal primarily demonstrates which of the following school leadership principles?
host meetings for different stakeholder groups to discuss the rationale behind the system
A middle school is piloting a project-based grading system for eighth-grade students to prepare them for high school grading procedures and policies. To best build teacher, student, and community support for the new system, the principal should
Assessing the progress toward the goals
Which of the following is the main purpose of including timelines for completion within a school improvement plan?
Forming teaching teams in which members share the responsibility for student learning
Which of the following is a principal's best method for promoting collaboration among staff members?
establishing a committee made up of community and staff to review goals regularly
A principal can best establish a shared commitment to implementing school goals by
Articulating the need for a schoolwide commitment to improving students' reading skills
A reading assessment reveals that 50 percent of students in an urban middle school are reading two or more years below grade level. Which of the following is the principal's best first response to the situation revealed by the assessment?
The teacher engages in professional development that builds and expands cultural competency.
Which of the following is a school leader's best evidence that a teacher recognizes the instructional challenges of teaching students with diverse cultural backgrounds?
Creating a common purpose focused on academic success for students
Which of the following actions by a school leader best fosters a sense of community among the staff?
What can the school do to partner with parents to better develop students?
Which of the following questions is most appropriate for a principal to ask parents when gathering input for school goal creation?
Is the vision statement based on core beliefs that the community supports?
A committee consisting of the school leadership team, parents, community members, and teachers has created a first draft of a school vision statement. Which of the following is the most critical question for the team to consider to ensure the vision statement is appropriate?
identify trends by student groups in order to inform instruction
After each grading period, teams of elementary teachers meet with the principal to discuss student performance data such as the results of formative and summative assessments. The most likely goal of this meeting is to have teachers
Beginning the unit with a diagnostic assessment to target learning needs
A principal helps a novice teacher identify knowledge and skills to focus on during an upcoming unit. Which of the following strategies best meets the teacher's needs?
Participating as a mentor for an at-risk student
Which of the following activities offers parents the most meaningful opportunity to support student achievement?
Collaborating with key decision makers for the school to explain the new legislation and make plans to respond
Because of recently passed state legislation, a middle school will have to make changes to its curriculum, and the changes will affect the school's personnel needs, the student's schedules, and the school board's policies. The principal wants to prepare the school for the impending changes. Which of the following strategies best addresses the principal's goal?
challenging students consistently while utilizing their strengths
Mr. Lee, a teacher, expresses concern that his students all seem to need different levels of instruction to be on grade-level, so he decides to teach at a basic level of instruction. The principal recommends
Arranging for the student to receive instructional interventions next year
A student's end-of-year district assessment scores in reading and mathematics are well below average for the student's age. Which of the following recommendations is most appropriate for the principal to make to the parent of the student?
Do teachers and staff invite you to be involved in school events and programs?
A principal plans to survey parents and community members about the school's goals. Which of the following survey questions should the principal include to determine whether these stakeholders are aware of opportunities to support achieving the school's goals?