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Mandible (lower jaw) is the ______ bone of face, and articulates with skull at ______

largest and strongest,
temporomandibular joint

mandible consists of ______ body and ____

horse-shaped, a pair of rami

Body of mandible meets ramus on each side at _________

angle of mandible

Body of mandible (on external surface in midline) has ______ indicating _______ during development of _______

faint ridge, line of fusion of its 2 halves
symphysis menti

Location of mental foramen?

below 2nd premolar tooth

Mental foramen transmits ?

terminal branches of inferior alveolar nerve and vessels

On medial surface of mandibular body is ______ which gives origins to _______ above and ________ below.

mental spines,
genioglossus muscle, geniohyoid muscles

_______ is an oblique ridge that runs backward and laterally from area of mental spines to area ________

mylohyoid line,
below and behind 3rd molar tooth

Location of submandibular fossa?

below posterior part of mylohyoid line

What submandibular fossa is for?

for superficial part of submandibular salivary gland

______ is for sublingual gland and lies above _________

sublingual fossa,
anterior part of mylohyoid line

what is alveolar part?

upper border of mandibular body

Base of mandible?

lower border of mandibular body

______ is a small, roughened depression on mandibular base; on either side of _____

digastric fossa,
symphysis menti

What's inside of digastric fossa?

it's where anterior bellies of digastric muscles are attached

Mandibular ramus is ______ placed, and has anterior ______ and posterior _______

coronoid process, condyloid process (or head)

coronoid and condyloid processes are separated from each other by _____

mandibular notch

On lateral surface of mandibular ramus?

markings for attachment of masseter muscle

Mandibular foramen is on ______ which is for ________

medial surface of mandibular ramus,
inferior alveolar nerve and vessels

Lingula (a projection of bone) is located ______, and it is for _____

in front of mandibular foramen,
attachment of sphenomandibular ligament

Mandibular foramen leads into _____ which opens on _______ at mental foramen.

mandibular canal,
lateral surface of mandibular body

_____ a continuation forward of mandibular canal beyond mental foramen and below incisor teeth

incisive canal

coronoid process receives on its medial surface?

attachment of temporalis muscle

What is below condyloid process (or head) ?

a short neck

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