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Prep Amer Lit & Comp

odyssey (OD uh see)

(noun) long, adventurous journey [SYN: wandering, roaming, expedition]

protean (PRO tee un)

(adjective ) readily changing form or character [SYN: changeable, variable, adaptable]

fiasco (fee ASS ko)

(noun) complete or ridiculous failure [SYN: failure, disaster, debacle (dih BAH kul)]

idiosyncrasy (id ee uh SING kruh see)

(noun) personal peculiarity [SYN: oddity, mannerism, quirk]

quintessence (kwin TES uns)

(noun) most essential part or quality; perfect example [SYN: essence, model, epitome]

rankle (RANG kul)

(verb) cause bitterness, hatred, resentment [SYN: irritate, anger, fester]

decimate (DES uh mate)

(verb) destroy or kill a large part of [SYN: destroy, slaughter, annihilate]

narcissism (NAR suh siz um)

(noun) extreme self-love or self-admiration [SYN: self-centeredness, vanity, egotism]

succumb (suh KUM)

(verb) give in, give up, yield; die [SYN: submit, surrender, concede]

incumbent (in KUM bent)

(noun) holder of an office or position; (adjective) holding an office or position; resting as a duty or obligation; required [SYN: (adj.) required, compulsory, obligatory]

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