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What is a subluxation?
A partially dislocated joint
What is a common conformation fault of the neck?
Ewe neck is where the horse's neck dips on top and bulges underneath
Where do you use lime in a horse's stall?
Wet spots
What can you use in your horse's stall to help the floor dry out and air?
What can you use in a stall to prevent weaving?
A U-shaped stall screen
What is wood chewing a sign of?
It is a sign that the pony may have a vitamin or mineral deficiency, or may lack salt
When a pony is traveling alone in a double trailer, what side should he ride on and why?
He should be on the left/driver's side so that his weight doesn't make the trailer drift toward the shoulder of the road
What are five basic rules of feeding?
-Make changes gradually over ten days to two weeks
-Feed small amounts often
-Feed according to a pony's size, condition, temperament, and amount of work
-Always provide clean, fresh water
-Don't ride your pony when his stomach is full
Where is the horse's gaskin?
Between the stifle and hock on the horse's hind leg
How can you tell that your pony has cooled out enough after work to be put back in his stall?
His temperature is normal, his chest is cool and dry, he is breathing normally, and the small veins of his face and neck are not sticking out
For safety, what should you do with cleaning forks and rakes when they are not being used?
They should be hung up safely, with the tines facing the wall
Describe a blue roan
Black with white flecks giving it a blue tinge
What is the normal temperature range for a typical horse or pony?
98.5 and 101 degrees
What is the correct order for feeding of grain, water, and hay to a horse or pony?
Water, hay, then grain
Give three example of a feed grain.
Oats, corn, barley, bran, and sweet feed
Why should you pile the bedding higher against the wall and in the corners of your pony's stall?
To prevent your pony from getting cast or stuck if he rolls in the stall
A manure pile generates a lot of heat. What hazard does this present, and what precautions should be taken to make sure this doesn't happen?
Fire; manure should be piled neatly at a distance from the stable
Before mounting your pony, what should you always do?
Perform a safety check
When riding over a jump, why must your release the pony's mouth?
This lets him stretch his neck and jump safely
While you are riding at a trot, what are you doing when you sit one extra beat and then continue posting?
Changing you diagonal
List five phases of a jump in the correct order.
Approach, takeoff, flight, landing, recovery.
When you begin to mount your pony, which way should you face?
Facing the tail
When tying to a sturdy post or trailer, what type of knot should you always use?
A safety release know
Where is the horse's poll?
Just behind the ears on the horse's topline
The cleft, bar, frog, and whiteline are all parts of the horse's....
When riding down a hill, does it help your pony if you lean back and keep your feet braced forward? Why or why not?
No, it unbalances you and your horse
Where should you be looking when jumping your pony?
You should always look ahead and keep your eyes up
What is the size circle that takes up the full width of the dressage arena?
20 meters
What is another term for a simple step back?
Rein - back
True or false: A small circle is harder for your pony than a large circle
What are the two ways to ride the trot?
Posting or sitting
What is the name for rising at the trot?
Name some artificial aids
Crops and spurs
What is the fastest and safest way to get off a moving horse?
An emergency dismount
True or false: When you adjust your stirrups while mounted, you should take your feet out of the stirrups so that you can see what you are doing.
When you approach a pony in a stall, paddock or pasture, what should you always do?
Speak to him so he know you are there
When you pick up your pony's foot, which way should you be facing?
You should be facing his tail
Which grooming tool is used to loosen caked mud and dirt from the pony's coat?
When unloading a horse from a trailer parked on level ground, what should you do first?
Untie his head before lowering the ramp or tail bar
Horses need it to keep proper chemical balance in their bodies; they lose a lot of this when they sweat, what is it?
What is cribbing and what problems are associated with it?
Cribbing happens when a pony grabs a solid object with his teeth and arches his neck while he swallows air; cribbing can cause colic and weight loss
What two things must always be available to pastured and stable ponies?
Clean, fresh water, and salt.
True or false: When giving your pony a treat, you should hold the food in your fingertips so that the pony can bite off a small portion.
Timothy, clover, Bermuda, and alfalfa are all types of...
A vaccination against this disease should be given to a horse once a year. A booster shot may be necessary if the horse gets a deep cut or puncture wound. What disease do these shots protect against?
According to the Pony Club D Manual, are grass clipping from your yard a good feed for your pony to eat? Why or why not?
No, they can cause him to be very ill or even die.
Western, flat, Australian stock, racing, dressage, close contact/jumper are all types of ...
What two parts of a snaffle bridle are attached directly to the bit?
The reins and the cheek pieces
What is the purpose of a breast plate?
The breast plate keeps the saddle from slipping back
Name the parts of the bridle
Crownpiece, browband, cavesson, noseband, snaffle bit, cheekpiece, throatlatch, and reins.
Is it the proper Pony Club attire to wear garters (leather knee straps) with breeches?
No, garters are only worn with jodhpurs; breeches are only worn with tall boots.
How many beats are in a walk?
Which gait does not have a moment of suspension?
Which gaits have four beats?
Walk and gallop
At which gait does a pony move his legs in diagonal pairs?
If your mount measures 14 hands, would you call it a horse or a pony?
Horses and ponies are measured in "hands". How many inches are in one hand?
4 inches
What is the tallest height a mount can be and still be considered a "pony".
14.2 hands
A pony with a reddish-brown body, and the same color mane, tail, and legs is called a ....
Chestnut or sorrel
What is the energy that a horse creates and uses called?
A horse that is kept at pasture and not ridden every day should still have what grooming practice done on a daily basis?
He should still have his hooves picked out
Name an important tool used to make adjustments to your leather tack so it will fit your pony properly.
A leather punch
A pony with a reddish-brown body and a black mane, tail, legs, muzzle, and ear tips would be called...
Star, snip, blaze, and strip are examples of...
face markings
Name the parts of the saddle.
Head nail, pommel, twist, seat, cantle, panel, skirt, keeper, saddle flap, stirrup leather, stirrup iron, stirrup pad, girth, knee roll, stirrup bar,point pocket, buckle guard, gullet, and sweat flap
To check stirrup length before mounting, make a fist, put your knuckles against the stirrup bar, then stretch the leather along your arm. The stirrup leather should reach where on your body?
Your armpit
What is a sign that there is something wrong with your horse?
Colic, coughing, runny eyes and nose, choking, diarrhea, depression, fever, not eating or drinking, and/or losing weight.
What is the best gait used to detect lameness?
The trot or jog
When someone says that a horse is barn sour, what does that mean?
A pony who will not leave the barn or acts up and tries to rush back to the barn
Cribbing, weaving, and wood chewing are all examples of ...
stable vices
They protect the horse's legs from the heels and coronet up to the hock and knee against bumps and scrapes. They should always be used when trailering. What are they?
Shipping bandages or wraps
How often should your pony's feet be checked by a farrier?
Every six to eight week, whether he is ridden or not. Some ponies need to be checked every four to six weeks depending on their needs.
What is meant by the expression "changing the rein"?
Change directions
Shipping, stable polo, and treatment are all types of ....
What should you always wear whenever you are on your pony?
An ASTM/SEI approved helmet that fits properly and boots with heels
The clinches have risen and you hear clicking when your horse walks on a hard surface. What is this a sign of and what should you do about it?
The shoe has become loose and you should call your farrier
What do you use a metal currycomb for?
Cleaning the body brush
What parts are on the horse's back legs that are not on the front legs?
Stifle, hock, and gaskin
What is the first thing you do after leading your horse into the trailer?
You should wait until someone has fastened the tail bar or back door behind you before tying your pony up
What are clinches?
The ends of the nails
Name the parts of the pony in front of the withers
Crest, mane, poll, ears, forelock, face, eyes, muzzle, nostrils, mouth, chin groove, jaw, throttle, and neck.