History of English

40 terms by cerickson473

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Review for your History of English test


the language almost all other languages came from


the stock language of English-


official language of English for 200 years in Middle English


germanic tribe our word English or England came from


most of our Old English comes from this germanic group


first Germanic tribe to come to the aid of the Celts


eventually called foreigners and pushed into Wales

Bubonic Plague

united England during the Middle English period

William the Conqueror

led the Norman Conquest

Norman Conquest

French speaking people invaded Englan and ruled for 200 years

Invention of the Printing Press

Ended the Middle English period and began the Modern period


great piece of literature from Old English

Canterbury Tales

great piece of literature from Middle English

Geoffrey Chaucer

wrote Canterbury tales

William Shakespeare

the author who influenced our English language more than any other

Johannes Guttenberg

invented the printing press

Samuel Johnson

wrote the 1st complete dictionary of our English language

William Caxton

brought the printing press into England

King Alfred the great

insisted that our Old English language be written down

King Knut the wise

united the country during Old English by making them speak the same language


number of languages in the world today


number of French words we borrowed


gave us words like knife and dirt

London & Trent

Celtic words still in our language

Jazz & banjo

words we have from the African Americans

Moccasin, opossum

North American Indian words

Chili and chocolate

South American Indian words

Mother, night

basic Anglo, Saxon words still part of our language


General Purpose vehicle


situation normal, all fouled up


atomic bomb testing site


a blend of chuckle and snort


a blend of smoke and fog


self-contained underwater breathing apparatus


absolute chaos


gives history, pronunciation, and definitions of words


gives synonyms to use in place of a word


those who study languages


words that sound like what they mean

Chinese, Japanese

not Indo European languages

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