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Shared Vision
leaders communicate a school vision and then direct all actions towards achieving that vision
Stakeholders are
parents, community members, district, school leaders, local businesses
Benefit of shared vision
teachers see connection between their goals and the task at hand, they are more likely to respond to change
Internal Stakeholder
paid by district
External Stakeholder
anyone outside the district who wants to see the students be successful
Stakeholders are always
Who you talk to first before making major decisions
Format for making decisions
stakeholder input, data, look at similar schools, additional input, plan, monitor
Ethical and Legal Behavior
Due Process
When it comes to health hazards
always assume health hazards are real, contact health department
academic change must look at
Principal wants to change curriculum, what is first action step
look at data
how to determine who teaches what
skill of teacher matches skill being taught
benefits of conflict
raises issues we may not have thought of or considered
how to manage conflict in meetings
allow staff to debate, intervene as neccessay
Manifestation Determination
determination that a student's misbehavior
is or is not a manifestation of a disability
What 3 questions must be asked in regards to manifestation determination?
What did the student do?
What is the students' disability?
Does the disability cause the offense?
zero tolerance
does not apply to students with disabilities
How many leadership styles are there?
do what I say, militaristic, least effective, most popular
authoritarian pro and con
pro - accomplish alot in a short amount of time

con- lack of commitment
charismatic, dynamic leadership, changes everyone around him
transformative pro and con
pro - high levels of success from everyone, inspires students, teachers get their masteres, etc

con - when the leader leaves, its hard to keep up the momentum
we are equals
democratric pros and cons
pro - high level of commitment

con - hard to get to your vision because everyone has a say, no central leadership
my approach is determined by the situation
Situational pros and cons
Pro - flexible, its a toolbox, you use all styles of leadership

Con - You choose the wrong leadership style in the moment
Rules are rules, period.
Systemic pros and cons
Pro - takes away bias

Con - bias, rigid, rules are followed to a T
key responsiblities are assigned to specific individuals
Distributive Pros and Cons
Pro - you can look at the big picture because smaller areas are taken care of

Con - the people you have in leadership must be competent and know the laws, they must be allowed to lead
Types of assessments
formative, summative, formal, informal, criterion, normative, validity, reliability, authentic
checking for growth in teaching (walkthroughs, establish dialogue, talk to teacher first)
end/final assessments
norm referenced/nation wide
written test/rubric
no written/walk through/observation, Q&A
right test/instrument
same results every time/consistent grading
performance based assessment
What is the purpose of a formative assessment?
The purpose of a _________ assessment is to see that we are making progress towards the vision
Shared Vision should be
________ should be linked to SMART goals
What are SMART goals?
Specific, Measurable, Action Oriented, Realistic, Timely
You are allowed to accept gifts when .....
educational benefit
Steps in Professional Culture
Teacher clarifies
Principal listens
Principal reflects
Principal states his side
Principal clarifies
Problem Solving
Stadardize agreement
Progress Monitored
When there are rumors about a teacher/situation
talk to the teacher first
Rigorous curriculum and instruction
curriculum alignment with teaching in class
Steps in mentoring bad teachers
find a good mentee
involve admin
handle classroom management first
First steps for identifying student with special needs
pre-referral interventions with data collection
Why is an administrator a member of the IEP team?
Their signature commits funding
Professional Development
Modeled from administrator
Researched Based
Progress Monitoring/Ongoing
Safety Plans should include
Stakeholder input
Multiple Plans
Plan Review
Progress Monitoring
Administrators role in carrying out safety plan
Identify key individuals for helping carry out safety plan
How to handle safety issue
Solve the problem first, don't just tell people not to do it
Safety Scenario 1 - Construction going on outside an the kids walking through the construction site
put up a barrier so kids can't walk through
Safety Scenario 2 - Library is closed due to construction
find alternative space for students to research and study
Safety Scenario 3- fire destroys 9th grade wing
Share space with other grade levels
Safety Scenario 4 - Kids are being dropped off too early and staying too late
Contact superintendent to see if funds can be allocated to get teachers to come in early or stay late
Why should teachers keep their webpage updated?
Shows a commitment to lifelong learning
What is attrition?
gradual reduction of workforce by employees leaving and not be replaced
What causes teacher attrition?
lack of administrative support
What order does fiscal resources come in?
Federal is last
Federal resources percentage
State resources percentage
What is soft money?
Money that can not be counted on (grants/Title 1)
What is hard money?
Money that is in place
What money should be spent first? Hard or soft?
Soft money
When you start the exam, what question do you start with?
question 27
Restricted Funds
Funds that are restricted to a certain area (e.g. science funds can't pay for your workshop)
Unrestricted Funds
school supplies, workshops, website subscriptions
When you are faced with a question by the media, what is the best way to answer?
like a politician/i'll talk to my superintendent
Organizations are allowed to use your school under the condition that .....
all community members must be invited to the activities
Who pays when an organization rents the building?
the organization is responsible
Examples of student first ammendment rights
they are allowed to protest so long as it doesn't disrupt the school day

you must still abide by school rules

there should be an educatioal benefit
When on school field trips students must ....
abide by school rules
Reasonable Suspicion
you are allowed to search a students belongings if you hear they are in possession of drugs.