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Prometric clinical skill checklist for mouth care of resident with a denture (2008-01-01)

Step 1

Greet the resident by addressing him/her by name and introduce yourself

Step 2

Provide explanations to resident before beginning and throughout procedure

Step 3

Wear gloves while handling denture and providing mouth care

Step 4

Transport denture to sink in a denture cup or emesis basin

Step 5

Line sink with washcloth or paper towels, or fill sink with water to reduce risk of denture breakage

Step 6

Use cool or tepid running water to clean and rinse denture

Step 7

Brush all surfaces of the denture

Step 8

Brush denture over sink

Step 9

Rinse denture to remove toothpaste/denture cleaner

Step 10

Store clean denture in denture cup filled with clean cool or tepid water

Step 11

Protect resident's clothing before beginning mouth care

Step 12

Position resident in a sitting position (minimum of 60 degrees) before beginning mouth care

Step 13

Provide mouth care to resident using a toothbrush/ toothette/swab

Step 14

Offer resident the opportunity to rinse mouth and spit into emesis basin (or disposable cup)

Step 15

Leave area around resident's mouth clean and dry and remove protective clothing cover

Step 16

Rinse toothbrush, rinse and dry basin, store equipment and dispose of soiled linen and trash when procedure completed

Step 17

Remove gloves or use a barrier to store equipment

Step 18

Utilize Standard Precautions and infection control measures throughout procedure

Step 19

Promote resident comfort throughout procedure

Step 20

Promote resident rights throughout procedure

Step 21

Promote resident safety throughout procedure

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