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CNA Skill: Partial Bath

Prometric clinical skill checklist to provide a partial bed bath to the resident (2008-01-01)
Step 1
Greet the resident by addressing him/her by name and introduce yourself
Step 2
Provide explanations to resident before beginning and throughout procedure
Step 3
Ensure water is at safe and comfortable temperature
Step 4
Drape/cover resident to expose only area being cleansed
Step 5
Use washcloth without soap to wash face
Step 6
Wipe eye from the inside to out, changing to clean area of washcloth before returning to inner eye and cleansing other eye
Step 7
Leave face clean and dry
Step 8
Contain corners of washcloth while washing and rinsing (e.g., forming mitt)
Step 9
Protect bedding by repositioning towel under resident throughout washing and rinsing
Step 10
Wash neck, hands, arms and chest using small amount of soap applied directly to washcloth
Step 11
Rinse neck, hands, arms and chest removing soap residue
Step 12
Dry neck, hands, arms and chest
Step 13
Assist resident to turn safely on side to wash back
Step 14
Wash, rinse and dry back
Step 15
Warm lotion in hands before applying to resident's back
Step 16
Provide back rub from lower back toward neck/shoulders using gentle strokes and circular motions
Step 17
Remove excess lotion from resident's back
Step 18
Replace hospital gown without exposing resident and secure gown in back
Step 19
Rinse and dry basin, store equipment and dispose of soiled linen and trash when procedure completed
Step 20
Utilize Standard Precautions and infection control measures throughout procedure
Step 21
Promote resident comfort throughout procedure
Step 22
Promote resident rights throughout procedure
Step 23
Promote resident safety throughout procedure