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Prometric clinical skill checklist to transfer the resident from the bed into a wheelchair using a transfer belt and pivot transfer technique (2008-01-01)

Step 1: Greet

Greet the resident by addressing him/her by name and introduce yourself

Step 2: Explain

Provide explanations to resident before beginning and throughout procedure

Step 3

Place wheelchair near resident's bed before assisting resident to sit at edge of bed

Step 4

Lock wheelchair before beginning transfer

Step 5

Remove or swing footrests out of way before transferring resident

Step 6

Place nonskid footwear on resident before transferring resident

Step 7

Assist resident to sitting position on side of bed, providing opportunity to adjust to position change before beginning transfer

Step 8

Apply gait belt securely around waist; avoid restricting circulation or breathing, or injury to skin

Step 9

Ensure resident's feet are flat on the floor before beginning transfer

Step 10

Position wheelchair before transfer with front interior wheel close to bed to facilitate pivot transfer

Step 11

Stand in front of resident, bracing resident's legs, reaching under resident's arms to hold gait belt at back

Step 12

Maintain own body mechanics in assisting resident to stand

Step 13

Complete transfer as a pivot

Step 14

Maintain own body mechanics in assisting resident to sit in wheelchair

Step 15

Provide support for controlled gentle lowering of resident into seat of wheelchair

Step 16

Position resident in proper body alignment in wheelchair with resident's hips against back of seat

Step 17

Place resident's feet on footrests

Step 18

Remove gait belt from resident's waist without harming resident when transfer completed

Step 19

Utilize Standard Precautions and infection control measures throughout procedure

Step 20

Promote resident comfort throughout procedure

Step 21

Promote resident rights throughout procedure

Step 22

Promote resident safety throughout procedure

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