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  1. facetious
  2. hirsute
  3. igneous
  4. fauna
  5. geniality
  1. a covered with hair
  2. b animals of a period o region
  3. c homorous
  4. d cheerfulness; kindliness; sociability
  5. e produced by fire; volcanic

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  1. to droop; grow weak
  2. composed of identical parts; uniform in composition
  3. arbitray order; authorization
  4. to damage; injure
  5. an animal that feeds mainly on plants

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  1. implicitimplied; understood but not stated


  2. fulsomeso excessive as to be disgusting


  3. glibfluent in an insincere way; offhand


  4. hyperboleincapable of being affected; impossible to penetrate


  5. flourishen embellishment or ornamentation


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