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  1. heterodox
  2. fulminate
  3. gerrymander
  4. fusion
  5. geniality
  1. a union; synthesis
  2. b to attack loudly; denounce
  3. c to divide an area into voting districts in a way that favors a political party
  4. d not widely accepted
  5. e cheerfulness; kindliness; sociability

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  1. to complain
  2. inflexible; incable of being pleased or calmed down
  3. free of cunning or deceit; artless
  4. to bind; confine
  5. automatic maintenance by an organism in balance with itself

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  1. extirpateto atone for


  2. imprecationincapable of being affected; impossible to penetrate


  3. hirsutecovered with hair


  4. flourishen embellishment or ornamentation


  5. imputeto attribute the fault to; relate to a particular cause or source