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3 types of phagocytes

neutrophils monocytes dendritic

macrophages are

activated monocytes that leave the blood and enter infected tissue. They become large once activated

neutrophils are

abundant and first cells to enter infected tissues

Dendritic cells

very potent activator of immune response. mature cells reside in tissues and organs

Immature dendritic cells are found

in the blood

Toll like receptors help with

differentiating different types of viruses and trigger cytokine production appropriate to the type of infection (intracellular vs extracellular bacteria infections.

What happens when toll like receptors are activated

they transmit signal to activate gene expression.

What happens when APC's are activated

1.Can now digest and kill pathogen. 2.Can now express and secrete cytokine (IL1,TNF,IL12). 3. Upregulatecell surface receptors to enhance display of pathogenic antigens

what is pseuodopia

long membrane invaginations

what is a phagosome

vacuole with pathogen inside

what is a phagolysosome

its when a phagosom and a lysosome fuse

What does a phagocyte do after digesting a pathogen

release digestion products from the cell.

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