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Protein Modeling Review

What part of amino acids is unique to each amino acid?
The R-group
What reaction occurs that binds amino acids together to form proteins?
What kinds of amino acids are located on the outside of a protein in a polar solvent?
Amino acids contain R-groups, amino groups, and _____ groups?
This characteristic of a protein determines its function.
What kind of bond holds alpha helices and beta sheets together?
Hydrogen bonds
What happens to a protein when its environment's pH, salt concentration, or temperature changes?
It denatures
Alpha helices in proteins are (left, right) handed.
List the following bonds from weakest to strongest: Dipole-dipole, ionic, disulfide, van der waals, hydrophobic/philic, hydrogen.
Van der waals, hydrophobic/philic, dipole-dipole, hydrogen, ionic, disulfide.
What atom is at the center of every amino acid?
A carbon atom.
This aspect of proteins determines their conformations.
Amino acid sequence, or primary structure.
How many levels of protein structure are there?
How many amino acids are there?
What group is present on cystein that allow disulfide bridges to form?
The sulfhydryl group
____ proteins assist in the folding of other proteins.
True of false? Most proteins are usually formed in their stable conformations.
False. Most proteins go through intermediate steps on the way to their stable conformations.