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for instance
for example
accurate /ˈækjərət
correct in all details; exact.
go ahead
start, proceed
figure out
to be able to understand something or to solve a problem
be on the same page
to understand and agree with what is being done or suggested
let's get started
Let's begin/Let's kick off
(v.) to finish; to bring something to an end; to decide after careful thought
Unless anyone has anything else, I think we're ready to talk about next steps.
Let's wrap things up.
To get to the point of what one is saying
stay behind
to not leave a place when other people leave
turn down sth
to not accept an offer or request
A conclusion based on information you already have
to form an opinion about something that is based on information that you already have
courteous /ˈkɜː(r)tiəs/
polite and showing respect for other people
a sticky situation is difficult or dangerous
inevitable /ɪnˈevɪtəb(ə)l/
impossible to avoid or prevent
to make changes to the form of sth, usually to improve its appearanceimprove its appearance
bring in new processes
to introduce
phase in new systems
to gradually start using something
How's that coming along?
Can you tell us how that's progressing?

What's the status on that?
Well done!
Great work!
Great job!
take the floor
to begin speaking at an important public meeting
talk through
to discuss a plan or a situation in a detailed way
be onto something
to have information that will help to you make an important discovery
build on
to base something on an idea or thing
take something further
(v): take more serious action about something: take something to a more advanced level.
That's a valid point
its a very true point
You make a good point
You make a fair or interesting argument
help out with
to help someone, especially by doing a particular job
get out of hand
sth becomes impossible to control any longer
finger pointing
when people blame other people for something that has gone wrong, instead of trying to solve the problem
to describe what has already been done or decided, without repeating the details
to emphasize something such as an idea, fact, or detail
I'm trying to stress the fact that your solutions are totally unrealistic.
the regular exchange of information between groups of people, especially at work, so that each group knows what the other is doing
lay down some ground rules
to officially state something or say that rules, principles etc must be obeyed
It's vital that
It's important/essential/crucial/etc
go a long way
it's an important factor in achieving result
If I could interject
to interrupt what someone else is saying with a sudden remark
Where do you stand on this?
What's your opinion
sit on the fence (phr)
to be undecided or neutral
to repeat something in order to emphasize it or make it very clear to people
to say (something) again or in a different way especially to make the meaning clearer
Let's call it a day.
informal to decide to stop working, especially because you have done enough or you are tired
It seems obvious to me that
It seems obvious to me that
break down into
I've broken down the issue into three main areas of concern.
only and not involving anyone or anything else
I can't rely solely on him
I think you missed my point so let's see if I can explain more clearly.
That's not exactly what I was meaning, so I'll rephrase
I understand your point of view, but
That's a good point, but I still think...
That's a good point, but I still think...
I put it to you that...
to tell someone your explanation of something:
Let me put it to you this way - you'll fail the test if you don't study.
it all boils down to
that is the main reason for it:
The problem boils down to one thing - lack of money.
broach the subject/question/matter
to mention a subject that may be embarrassing or unpleasant or cause an argument
sort of
kind of/slightly, or in some ways
more than a little but not very
slightly, fairly, partly...
I think it's in your best interests to
I suggest you consider

I think the best idea would be to
fair enough
used to say that you agree, or think that something is acceptable
Used at the begining
First/To begin with/To start off
Used to outline the middle
Next/After that/Then
Used at the end
To wrap up/To conclude/To finish off/Finally
Moving on, have a look at
Now, let's have a look at
There is one more thing I'd like to talk about.
Before I wrap up, I'd like to summarize my main points.
So, to recap, here are my main points.
Before I conclude, let me walk you through my main points once more.
Before I go, here are my main points once again.
fire away
used for giving someone permission to ask a question
show your appreciation
Thank you for listening.
Thanks for your attention.
Thanks for your time.
time to think
That's a good question.
I'm really glad you asked that.
Thanks for bringing that up.
level off
to stop going up or down
suddenly and by a large amount
bottom out
reach the lowest point
That's a very pertinent question.
relevant question
Can I get back to you on that one?
I'll have to double-check
trial and error
A problem-solving strategy that involves attempting different solutions and eliminating those that do not work.
a fact, argument, or event that settles a matter conclusively.
iron something out
to remove problems or find solutions
get/set/start the ball rolling
to make something start happening
I'm all ears
ready to pay attention to what someone has to say
limit the strain
reduce workload
pull together
to work together for a common purpose
to boost sales/profit
turn around (the situation)
change something from negative to positive
not having enough money, people, equipment and other resources

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