Epithelial Tissues

Tissue samples.
stratified squamous
-Many-layered; basal cells are cuboidal or columnar and metabolically active, surface cells are flattened (squamous).
-Protects underlying tissues in areas subjected to abrasion.
-Forms esophagus, mouth, vagina, skin.
simple cuboidal
-Single layer, cube-like cells, large nuclei.
-Secretion and absorption.
-Kidney tubules, ducts and secretory portions of small glands, ovary surface
pseudo stratified columnar epithelium
-Single layer of cells of differing heights, some not reaching the free surface, nuclei at different levels, bear cilia.
-Secretion (mucous).
-Line the trachea, upper respiratory tract.
simple squamous
-Single layer of flat cells, disk-like nuclei.
-Allows passage by diffusion and filtration, lubricates.
-Kidney glomeruli, air sacs (lungs), lining of heart, blood vessels, lymphatic vessels.
simple columnar
-Single layer, tall cells, round/oval nuclei.
-Absorption, secretion of mucus, enzymes, propels mucous.

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