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Vocabulary after midterm


[noun] A tribunal is a special court or committee that is appointed to deal with particular problems; court; hearing; trial
[명] (특별한 문제를 다루는) 재판소, 법원, 조사[심사] 위원회
A ____ was formed to discuss the employees misconduct.


[adj] something spoken
[형] 언어[말]의; (글이 아니라) 말로 된, 구두의
_____ abuse can be as bad as physical abuse.


[noun] long angry speech in which someone criticizes a person or thing
[명] (against sb/sth) 장황한 비난, 장광설
He gave the telemarketer a ________ about not calling company phones.


[noun] passion; emotion; feeling
[명] 열렬, 열정
The crowd cheered with great ______ when their team scored.


[adj] something that is strange, odd, or unusual
[형] 기이한, 특이한
He loved the people there, but he thought the food was _____.


[noun] words and expressions that are used in special or technical ways by particular groups of people, often making the language difficult to understand.
[명] (특정 분야의 전문・특수) 용어
The new employee was not used to the business ________.


[noun] sea creature with a long soft body and many soft arms called tentacles
[명] 오징어
Koreans like to eat dried _____ when they drink beer.


[verb] to make something (appear or sound) bigger
[타] (렌즈・현미경 등으로 더 크게 보이도록) 확대하다
2. (크기・소리・강도를) 확대하다
Use the lense to _____ the text if it is too small.


[adj] devices or features included in something as a part of it, rather than being separate
[형] 붙박이의
If I build a house, I want a _______ entertainment center.


[noun] equipment or machinery
[명] 기구, 장치
Firefighters must use a breathing ____ when they work.


[adj] something that contains material to protect it from attack
[형] 장갑한; 갑옷을 입은
_____ vehicles are usually used to transport money.


[verb] to write or carve letters into something
[타] (이름 등을) 쓰다[새기다]
The company ______d his name on the mug.


[noun] agreement between two or more parties to do a particular thing or to help each other
[명] (사람・단체・국가 간의, 특히 서로 돕기로 하는)
They shook hands after agreeing on a new security _______.


[verb] to clearly state conditions and promises
[타] 규정[명기]하다; 명문화하다; (조건으로서) 요구하다
He thinks the man's conduct violates what rules _______d in the guidelines.


[noun] long written report (usually submitted to obtain a doctorate degree)
[명] 논문; 논술
It took her several months to complete the ________.

Put on

[verb] placing clothes, glasses, watch, etc. on one's body
[타] ~을 입다[쓰다/끼다/걸치다]
She is ____ting her shoes ____.
She is _____ting ____ her shoes.

Take off

[verb] to remove clothing or other items from one's body
[타] (옷 등을) 벗다[벗기다]
He wants to ______ his pants _____.
He wants to ____ _____ his pants.

Pick up

[verb] to go & meet someone and give a ride in a car
[타] ~를 (차에) 태우러 가다
He _______ed his boss ___ at the airport.
He _____ed ___ his boss at the airport.

drop off

[verb] to take someone somewhere (you don't need to go) by car
[타] 내려 주다
The driver _____ped her _____ at the bank.

Get by

[verb] manage; survive; be okay but not thriving
[자] 그럭저럭 살아[해] 나가다
The people in this village are barely ______ting ___.

get over ~

[verb] recover (emotionally or physically); overcome
[타] 을 극복[처리]하다; (질병・충격 등에서[을]) 회복[극복]하다
She caught her boyfriend cheating on her, and it took her a long time to ____ ____ it.

make ~ up

[verb] 1. to invent or create something (story; lie) that is that real 2. to do something that was canceled or not done earlier
[타] 거짓말로 둘러대다; 지어내다
2. ex- make up work: 보충작업
make up time: 보충 근무를 하다
The child likes to _____ _____ stories about dinosaurs.
The child likes to ____ stories about dinosaurs ___.

turn ~ down

[verb] to reject a person or idea; deny
[타] ~을 거절[거부]하다
He brought her gifts and flowers, but she still _____ed him __.

run out of

[verb] to use completely so none remains
[타] 을 다 써버리다, ...이 없어지다; [물건]을 바닥내다
If you _____ ____ ____ gas, you have to push the car.

come across

[verb] to find or meet coincidentally/ by chance
[타] 우연히 마주치다[발견하다]
People _____ _______ many photos and notes when they are preparing to move.


(noun) owner of land, business, etc.
[명] (사업체・호텔 등의) 소유주[자]
The _____ of the apartment decided to increase rent.


(noun) disappointment, shock,fear, worry, sadness
[명] (충격을 받은 뒤의) 실망, 경악
(verb) to cause disappointment, shock, fear, sadness, etc.
[타] 경악하게 만들다, 크게 실망시키다
He was ________ed by the results of the exam.


[noun] laws or rules created by the government, business, etc.
[명] 법령, 조례
City ________s prohibit parking in front of a fire hydrant.


[verb] to be kept in a place (usually by police for interrogation)
[타]1. (경찰서・교도소 ・병원 등에) 구금[억류]하다
2. (어디에 가지 못하게) 붙들다, 지체하게 하다
He will be a little late because he was _____ed at a meeting.


[verb] drift
[자] 떠가다
He is ______ing across the lake.


[adj] extraordinary
[형] 놀랄 만한 , 놀라운
The scenery there is truly _______________.


[noun] the entrance (the space in a wall) through which you enter or leave a room or building
[명] 문지방
She stood hesitating on the __________.


[noun]a small brownish spot (of the pigment melanin) on the skin
[명] 주근깨

She's a girlish looks with ______s all over.


[noun] drain, channel
[명] 배수구
He dropped his keys in the _____.


[noun] rock fragments and pebbles
[명] 자갈
His truck was sliding on the _____ road.


[NOUN] Moss is a very small soft green plant which grows on damp soil, or on wood or stone.
[명] 이끼
The tree is covered with ____.


[noun] punishment by hitting one on the bottom several times with hand.
[명] 엉덩이 때리기
*spank= verb
The child is in need of _______.


[noun] disturbance, disorder, confusion
[명] 폭동
One prison guard was killed when a ____ broke out in the jail.


[verb] it slowly becomes less (bright)
[동] (색깔이) 바래다,희미해지다; 바래게(희미해지게) 만들다
All color had ____d from the sky.


[adj] wrap something around somebody/something
[형] 1. 몸[허리]에 두르는 2. (끝쪽이) 굽은, 겹친
This villa with wraparound balcony.


[noun] a large piece of land, especially in a tropical country
[명] (특히 열대 지방에서 커피・고무 등을 재배하는 대규모) 농장
A tobacco ______ requires many workers.


[noun] an image that you can see in a mirror or in glass or water
[명] (거울 등에 비친)모습; 반사; 반영
The trees cast their sharply defined _________ on the waters.


[verb] think about it carefully.
[동] 숙고하다, 곰곰이 생각하다
He ______ed over her words.


[noun] reinstatement, return, revival
[명] 복원;(이전의 제도・법률 등의) 부활
After the _________ is complete, your computer automatically restarts.


[adj] the two things are next to each other.
[형] (지역・건물 등이) 인접한, 가까운
There is _______ buildings.


[noun] small white insects which live in hot countries in homes made of earth.
[명] 흰개미
If a house is made of wood, _______s can be a big problem.


[verb] play it by moving your fingers backwards and forwards across the strings.
[동] (기타 같은 것을) 치다
The man is _____ming on his instrument.


[verb] drone, croon, murmur; makes a low continuous noise
[동] (노래를) 흥얼거리다; 웅웅거리다
He was ____ming softly to himself.


[noun] a particular characteristic, quality, or tendency that someone or something has.
[명] (성격상의) 특성
The color of a person's eyes is an inherited ____.


[verb] gently rub your nose and mouth against them to show affection.
[동] 코(입)를 비비다
The child _____d up against his father.


[verb] tap them lightly, usually with your hand held flat
[동] 쓰다듬다(토닥거리다)
He ___ted the dog on the head.


[adj] excited; so happy that you cannot relax
[형] 흥분한
The kid were _____ about opening their presents.


[noun] a passage or phrase from a book, poem, play, or speech
[명] 인용문
The sign has a _______ from the Bible.


[adj] very small
[형] 아주 작은; 십대의
This is ________, tiny star.


[verb] look at it very hard
[동] 자세히 들여다보다, 응시하다
She kept ____ing through the door.


[noun] a book in which a company or organization writes down the amounts of money it spends and receives.
[명] 장부; (은행・사업체 등에서 거래 내역을 적은) 원장
This keeps a ______ of its income and expenses in some company.


[noun] politeness, respect, and consideration for others.
[명] 공손함, 정중함
It's common ___ to not talk on the phone while others are waiting behind you.


[verb] put it or drop it there heavily and carelessly
[동] (아무렇게나) 쿵하고 내려놓다
He _____ed the baby down on the bed.


[adj] not very strong or well made, and seems likely to collapse or break.
[형]곧 무너질[부서질] 듯한
There is a ______ house.


[verb] blink, waver, wink, twinkle
[동] (등불·희망·빛 등이) 깜박이다, 명멸하다
The light of backpack is _____ing.


[NOUN] suddenly lose consciousness and their body makes uncontrollable movements 2. period of sudden anger
(명) 발작
Addiction to the computer game caused him to fall into a ____ of convulsions.


(adv) hardly; barely
(부) 거의...않다.
We _____ ever meet.


(adj) showing kindly awareness or regard for another's feelings, circumstances, etc.
(형) 사려깊은
She is always polite and ________ towards her employees

curl up

(verb)to lie or sit with your arms and legs bent close to your body
(동)동그랗게 말리다/말다
The dog likes to ___________ on the bed.


(noun) the length of a rental agreement, school semester, period of duty, etc.
(명) 계약, 의무등의 기간
He just finished his military _______.


(v) to ask about
(동) 묻다
I would like to _____ about garbage pick-up.


(adj) very thin especially from disease or hunger or cold.
(형) 뼈만 앙상한
After few years of famine, she became so ______.


(noun) The condition of feeling uneasy or worried about what may happen.
(명) 걱정, 불안
His mom stared at him with ______ while he played.


(adj)indicating a lack of maturity
(형) 유치한
She doesn't like him because he is so _____.


(noun) a personal opinion or belief that is said or written
(명) 말
He gave his ____ with a sigh.


(verb) to confer honor or dignity upon; to raise the status of
(동) 위엄있게 하다.
A soldier's funeral should ______ the soldier and family.


(noun) elementary students' main classroom
[명사] (美) 홈룸
Almost schools have ________


(noun)a lecture hall
The graduation ceremony was held in the ________


[동사] 부수다; 고장 내다
I _____ed the nose on my doll


(noun)a nursery school, a preschool.
(명사) (특히 美) 유치원
Seems like only yesterday that we were in _______


(noun)a brook,a brooklet
There is beautiful mountain _______


(noun) adjournment; break; rest period
(명사)(법정 재판 중의 짧은) 휴회
The kids had ______ inside because it was too cold outside.

dodge ball

(noun)kind of sport use the ball
(명사) 도지 볼, 피구(避球) ((게임))
The man is very excited when he plays _____________.


(noun) spy, spy into
He had a ______ around her office.


(noun) a fellow, a guy
(명사) 한 놈,일
The little _______ kept chewing on the toy.


(noun)baby room
(명사)(가정집의) 아기 방
They spent a lot of money to prepare the ________ for their child.


(noun) a person who has few social skills and is not popular
(명사)(속어 특히 美) 샌님, 꽁생원
The guy is a perfect example of ______.


praise you in an exaggerated way that is not sincere, because they want to please you or to persuade you to do something. ; praise, compliment
아첨하다, 알랑거리다

Are you trying to _________ me?


someone who you have met and know slightly, but not well ; associate, contact
아는 사람, 지인

He's just a business ___________.


to laugh at them or make jokes about them in order to embarrass, annoy, or upset them.
(악의 없이 또는 악의적으로) 놀리다[장난하다], 지분[집적]거리다

I used to get _______d about my name.


extremely cruel, violent, and uncontrolled.
야만적인, 흉포한, 몹시 사나운
do not have an advanced society and are violent.
야만인, 포악한 사람

_______ tribes still live in some parts of the world.


an old-fashioned vehicle, usually for a small number of passengers, which is pulled by horses.
The people are riding a __________.


a small, shallow pool of liquid that has spread on the ground.
(특히 비 온 뒤의) 물웅덩이
A little girl splashes in the ______.

fiddle with

Keep moving it or touching it with your fingers.
She _______d _____ the cell phone to figure out how to text.


money or property, you receive it from someone who has died.
상속받다, 물려받다
He had _________ a valuable estate from his grandparents.


a male member with an official position in a religious group.
(기독교의) 남자 성직자
He has decided to become a ___________.


does not know how to read or write.
사람이 글을 (읽거나 쓸 줄) 모르는, 문맹의

There are many people who are ________.


(adv) voluntarily, on one´s own initiative
This group came into being _____________.


(adj) If you describe a food or other substance as gooey, you mean that it is very soft and sticky.
(형용사) 부드럽고 끈적(쫄깃)거리는
The dough is too wet and soft; dough is too ____.


(adj) If you say that a person or action is despicable, you are emphasizing that they are extremely nasty, cruel, or evil.
(형용사) 비열한, 야비한
He was drunk and his behavior at the party was ________.


(noun) A pistol is a small gun.
(명사) 권총
She is armed with a _____.


(verb) If a building or other structure collapses, it falls down very suddenly.
(동사)붕괴되다, 무너지다
A fatal defect in the construction design caused the building to _______.


(verb) If you fumble for something or fumble with something, you try and reach for it or hold it in a clumsy way.
(동사)(무엇을 하거나 찾느라고 손으로) 더듬거리다.
We can't afford to ____ the ball on this!


(noun) A wrapper is a piece of paper, plastic, or thin metal which covers and protects something that you buy, especially food.
(명사) (특히 식품)포장지
He runs to the shop and buys two Willy Wonka chocolate bars, and is absolutely thrilled to find a Golden Ticket inside the ____ .


(noun)Your appetite is your desire to eat.
(명사) 식욕
Don't spoil your _____ by eating between meals.


(verb) If you trudge somewhere, you walk there slowly and with heavy steps, especially because you are tired or unhappy.
(동사)(지쳐서) 터덜터덜 걷다; (무거운 것을 들고) 느릿느릿 걷다
He _____d home feeling lonely and let down.


(noun) Exhaustion is the state of being so tired that you have no energy left.
(명사) 탈진, 기진맥진 :고갈, 소진
She studied all night and is suffering from ______.


(noun) Greenish means slightly green in color.
(명사) 녹색을 띤
They're a sort of _____-blue color.


(adv)Vaguely means to some degree but not to a very large degree.
(부사)모호[애매]하게; 희미[흐릿]하게
He smiled _______, ignoring her questions.


(noun) Stationery is paper, envelopes, and other materials or equipment used for writing.
(명사) 문구류, 문방구 ,편지지
Do we have any more letterhead _______?


(adj) If you describe a woman or something about her as luscious, you mean that you find her or this thing sexually attractive.
(형용사) 감미로운, 달콤한
The roses in the garden are in _______ full bloom.


a punishment undergone in token of penitence for sin
[명사] (주로 단수로) ~ (for sth) 특히 특정 종교들에서 속죄
He must do _____ for his sin


a crafty and involved plot to achieve your (usually sinister)
[동사] (흔히 수동태로) 강한 흥미[호기심]를 불러일으키다
The plan for the building _______d all who heard it.


unwilling to become involved, uneager
(형] ~ (to do sth) 꺼리는, 마지못한, 주저하는
She was ________ to admit the truth.


the act of interpreting something as expressed in an artistic performance(명사] (특정한 해석을 가미한) 연주[연기]
Ex. He ______ed considerable services as Minister of Education


infectious disease characterized by inflammation of the meninges (the tissues that surround the brain or spinal cord) (명)수막염, 뇌막염
Ex. The baby had a mild case of _____ but is better now.


any of various large diurnal birds of prey having naked heads and weak claws and feeding chiefly on carrion( 명 )독수리, 콘도르
He is waiting like a _____ for me to die.


sorrowful through loss or deprivation adjective (형)최근에) 사별을 당한
Ex. "The king was ________ when his wife died.


full and loud and deep adjective( 형)소리가) 듣기 좋은, 낭랑한
Ex. "heavy sounds"; "a herald chosen for his sonorous voice"


To stress or emphasize; intensify
[동사] 강조하다, 두드러지게 하다
The fact that he openly writes of his personal accounts further ____________ his aptitude to be open-spirited.


with enthusiasm adverb 부사] 열광적으로(ardently), 열중하여, 매우 열심히
They discussed the question ____________.


in a beautiful and very clean manner
(형) 티 하나 없이 깔끔한[깨끗한]
The children are dressed _________.


:(adj)contains a lot of things or people in a small area.
(형)빽빽한, 밀집한
A _____ fog rolled over the river.


:(adj) cannot see through it.
(형)유리,액체등이 불투명한.
The _____ fog made it almost impossible to see.


(verb) feel embarrassed or disgusted.
(동) 민망하다. 움찔하다.
I _____ when I think of the poems I wrote then.


(adj) do not trust something and are careful when dealing with them.
(형) 의심스러운,수상쩍은.
I was ________ of his motives.


(adj) extremely happy and excited because of something that has happened.
(형) 마냥 행복해하는.
I was _____ by the prospect of the new job ahead.


(verb)continues to exist for a long time.
(동)오래남다, 지속되다.
Perhaps the event will _____ long in our memory.


(noun) something unpleasant or difficult.
(명) 보조기구,버팀대
she has a leg ____.


(verb) find a way of not doing something that you really ought to do.
(동)어떤사람이나 일을 피하다, 모면하다.
He managed to _____ capture.


(verb) escape from something.
(동) 도망치다, 달아나다.
She burst into tears and ___d.


(noun) an event or state is the time during which it happens or exists.
(명) 지속되는기간.
The school was used as a hospital for the ______ of the war.


(noun) large pieces of wood that have been roughly cut up.
(명) 쓸데없는물건, 재목
_____ is stacked up in front of the house.


(verb)cook it using very strong heat directly above or below it.
(동) (고기,소시지등)을굽다.
I decided to _____ the sausages.


(verb) move there in a hurried way, often because they are very busy.
(동) 부산하게 움직이다.
Let's _____ up to finish our work.


(verb) speak with difficulty, hesitating and repeating words or sounds.
(동) 말을 더듬다.
Many children ______ but grow out of it.


(adj) sad and quiet because they are disappointed or unhappy about something.
(형) 침울한, 우울한
He sat there with a _______ look on his face.


(verb) smile in an unpleasant way.
(동) 히죽히죽 웃다.
It was hard not to _____.


[NOUN] soft towel or paper, which you fasten round a baby's bottom in order to soak up its urine and feces.
Is your baby still in ______s?


[ADJ] dirty and untidy; shabby
I was a ______ guy as you can see.


[NOUN] a bed that is fixed to a wall, especially in a ship or caravan.
(배·기차의) 침대(berth); [구어] 잠자리
You take the ____ closest to the door.


[ADJ] very serious and strict
엄격한, 단호한; 가혹한, 용서 없는
He was a ____ and serious man.


[ADJ] fake; imitation; not real
[구어] 가짜의, 허위의; 겉치레의
[Noun] person who pretends to be someone else
사기꾼, 위선자
When caught, the thief provided _____ identification based on the victim's stolen identity


[VERB] move quickly and hurriedly, especially because one is frightened.
종종걸음을 치다, 총총[허둥지둥] 가다
The rain pelted the commuters as they _____ed from the bus


[NOUN] the piece of string in a candle that burns when it is lit. (양초등의)심지
My father kissed me and then he turned down the ____ of the lantern.


(verb) disapprove of someone continually staring at that person in a way that indicates a strong sexual interest.
(동)~에게 추파를 던지다
He was in the habit of __ing women.


(verb) the muscles of your face tighten suddenly because you have felt a pain
(동)표정이 움찔하고 놀라다.
He _____d as a sharp pain shot through his arms


(verb) touch something several times using quick, light movements.
(동)여러번 가볍게 만지다, 두드리다.
He ___ed his nose.


(noun)extreme suffering, usually mental suffering.
(명) (정신적인)고통, 고뇌.
a man cried in _______.


(adj) it is dirty and smells or tastes unpleasant.
(형)(냄새가)악취나는, 더러운.
The guys in my platoon are really ____ mouthed.


(verb) an angry or hostile expression appears on someone's face.
(동) 무섭게 노려보다.
He looked up at me with a ____.


(verb) ask questions or try to discover facts about something.
(동) 캐묻다.조사하다.
He didn't like the media ___ing into his past.


(verb) speak or behave towards you in a way which seems friendly, but which shows that they think they are superior to you in some way.
(동)상점등을 애용하다,가르치려들다,후원하다.
Students _______ this restaurant.


(verb) to develop well; to be successful; to be very healthy
(동) 번창하다. 잘지내다.잘자라다.
These plants _______ in a warm climate.

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