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the psychological aspect of sound related mainly to the fundamental frequency


the interval between two sound frequencies having a ration of 2:1

tone height

a sound quality corresponding to the level of pitch; monotonically related to frequency

tone chroma

a sound quality shared by tones that have the same octave interval


a combination of three or more musical notes with different pitches played simultaneously


an arrangement of notes or chords in succession


the perceived speed of the presentation of sounds

vocal tract

the airway above the larynx used for the production of speech; includes the oral tract and nasal tract


the act of manner of producing a speech sound using the vocal tract


a resonance of the vocal tract; specified by their center frequency and are denoted by integers that increase with relative frequency


a pattern for sound analysis that provides a three-dimensional display plotting time on the horizontal axis, frequency on the vertical axis, and intensity on a color or gray scale


the phenomenon in speech whereby attributes of successive speech units overlap in articulatory or acoustic patterns

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