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Jesus brought the disciples to the garden so he could pray. He took Peter and two others and told them to wait as he prayed further ahead. He returned and found them asleep and asked why they couldn't keep watch for an hour and told them to stay awake. He did this 2 more times after and found them asleep each time. While Jesus was talking to disciples Judas showed up with crowd who had swords and knifes— came from chief priest. Judas the betrayer told them the one I kiss is the one to be arrested. So he went to Jesus and kissed him and Jesus was arrested. Jesus was taken to the high priest— they wanted him dead. One man told him that Jesus said he could destroy the temple and rebuild it in 3 days. The high priest wasn't happy and addressed Jesus he told him he would see the son of man. He tore his garments off and accused him of blasphemy. Peter was in the courtyard and asked if he was with Jesus and he denied it, he was asked this 3 times and denied each, after he remembered what Jesus said about someone will betray me before the crow cocked 2 twice he weeped. Jesus was out before pilot and asked if he was the king of the Jews and said if you say so. Pilot asked the crowd who they wanted released Barabbas or Jesus the messiah. They wanted Jesus the messiah to be crucified. The soldiers stripped him of his clothes and gave him a crown of thrown— when Jesus was put up on his cross the sign said Jesus the Nazorean, king of the Jews. At 3 Jesus yelled my god my god why have you forsaken me. They brought him wine to drink and soon he fell to sleep. The morning after the women went to the tomb to anoint the body and saw an angle who told them Jesus wasn't in the tomb for he had resurrected and they were to go tell the disciples.