70 terms

SS test

King Philip II
Who was king of England in 1588
They were faster and lighter
How were England's ships able to defeat the ships of the Spanish Armada
what ultimately destroyed half of the Spanish fleet
Francis Drake
Who was knighted by Queen Elizabeth I for his raids on Spanish ships
Sir Walter Raliegh
Who sent men to settle a colony at Roanoke?
Virginia Dare
Who was the first English child born in America
they mysteriously dissapeared
What happened to the people of the second Roanoke colony
What was the first permanent English settlement in America
When was Jamestown founded
Susan Constant, Godspeed & Discovery
What three ships traveled to Jamestown
All food put in a public store house
Describe the Common Store System
John Smith
Who ended the common store system
II Thessalonians 3:10
On what Bible verse did Smith base his policy
the starving time
Winter of 1609-1610 was _____________
John Rolfe
Who developed a less bitter type of tobacco
What Powhatan indian married John Rolfe
a group of representatives
What was the House of Burgesses
When did the first women & African Americans come to Jamestown
Rhode Island, Massechusetts, New Hampshire, Conneticut
List the New England Colonies
Henry VIII
Who was the head of the Anglican Church
People who want to purify the Anglican church
What is a Puritan
People who wanted to form their own church away from the Anglican Church
What is a Separatist
What ship did the pilgrims come on
How many people on the Mayflower were actually Pilgrims
What were non-Pilgrims called
Where were the Pilgrims supposed to land
They couldn't sail in winter
Why did they settle in Massechusetts instead
Mayflower Compact
What document set up laws for the Plymouth Colony
Squanto and Samoset
What 2 Indians helped the Pilgrims learn how to grow food and hunt and fish
Fall, 1621
When was the first Thanksgiving
William Bradford
Whose idea was it to have Thanksgiving
the history of Plymouth Plantation
What book did William Bradford write
Charles I
Who became the King of England in 1625
Mainly a religious difference
Describe the rivalry between England and Spain
New Netherlands
Where did the Separatists originally try to settle
Massechusetts Bay
What colony was created in 1629 as a haven for Puritans
John Winthrop
who was the governer of Massachusetts bay
many puritans left for America because of persecution
What was the Great migration
What is the oldest college in the United States
Thomas Hooker
Who founded Conneticut
Roger Williams
Who settled Rhode Island
it allowed religious freedom
Why was Rhode Island important
New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware
What are the Middle Colonies
for treason
Why was King Charles I beheaded in 1649
Oliver Cromwell
Who led the parliamentary forces against the King
Charles II
Who became King after Cromwell's death
What country first controlled what is now New York
New Amsterdam
What was the main settlement of New Netherlands
Peter Styvesant
Who was the governer of New Netherlands
Duke of York
Who was New York named for
George Cartret and John Berkely
Who founded New Jersey
William Penn
Who founded Pennsylvania
What religious group did William Penn belong to
It was given to William Penn
How did Delaware become a colony
Georgia, North and South Carolina, Virginia and Maryland
List the Southern Colonies
What was the first Catholic colony
Queen Henrietta Maria
Who was Maryland named for
Ark and Dove
What 2 ships brought the first settlers to Maryland
Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon
What 2 astronomers settled a border dispute between Maryland and Pennsylvania
Act of Toleration
What law protected Maryland from attempts to make it a protestant colony
farmers revolted against the Virginia government
Describe Bacon's rebellion
economic differences
Why did Carolina split into 2 separate colonies
tobacco and timber, no good harbor
What products were grown in North Carolina
rice, indigo and a good port
What products were grown in South Carolina
When did North and South Carolina formally divide
When was Georgia founded
George Oglethorpe
Who founded Georgia
King George
Who was Georgia named for
provide a place for debtors, buffer colony, grow silk
For what three reasons was Georgia founded
Slavery rum Catholics
What 3 things did Oglethorpe ban