Rule 9 (Words ending in '-ly' or '-ally') Advanced

20 terms by acafaro

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Learning to become an effective and accurate speller is not difficult. Practice the words at home, at school, and online to better know the spelling standards as well as the exceptions to this week's spelling rule (Words ending in -ly' and '-ally'). Many words ending in '-al' are adjectives made from nouns. Some words, however, that end in '-ic' are already adjectives and do not need the '-al' ending. Generally, for words ending in '-ic,…


adv. in an emotional manner; in a manner with strong feelings


adv. done by following customs, practices, or beliefs that have existed for a long time or that relate to the customs of a country or group of people


adv. with regard to a nation taken as a whole


adv. done without intention


adv. by chance; by the way


adv. done by emotion or mood


adv. done in an emotionally excessive way


adv. with respect to history, tradition, or long-term importance


adv. done with a positive mindset


adv. done from time to time; once in a while; infrequently


adv. in a musical way


adv. given to thoughts, feelings, or actions of love and romance


adv. in regard to academic matters


adv. in a strong, physically fit, agile way


adv. done in an uncontrolled manner with anger, fear, or worry


adv. severely; extremely; suddenly


adv. said in an insulting or mocking way, often indicating the opposite of what is obvious


adv. exactly; in a particular or definite way


adv. done in a sudden, great, surprising, or impressive way


adv. done in a reflexive way; done on its own

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