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El Tumba

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Chapter one
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It's Oct 31 and alex is nervous bc it's the el dia de los muertes and alex doesn't like visiting or communicating with spirits, even though his grandmother does. he is smart, socialable, and friendly, he likes to draw and play video games

David (his best friend) is patient, athletic, and friendly

they decide to play video games
alex and his fam went to the cemetery and decorated it and a group of mariachis sang. sergio sees his pretty, friendly, and social sister and sergio asks her to dance and alex objects but is silenced by their father. his grandma recieves important info that alex should explore the cave to find money. his grandma describes the cave to him and he draws a map, but sergio hears.
s in 1910 rich people fled bc poor people were attacking them, so they put their money in chests and they traveled with a servant in secret. they buried the chest but they couldn't let the servants know where the money was so they killed the servant and the servant's spirit defended the chest with money

rich ranchowners needed to escape so they would hide money in caves they poor would attack the rich.
while sergio goes deeper into the tunnel, nora, alex, y david arrive and swim in the tunnel. They meet up with Sergio who has the money. they demand for the $$ but sergio refuses and runs away, but sergio falls and hits his head on a rock and falls into the water with the chest, the chest traps him. they save him and take him to the hospital.