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Introduction to my New book : Between 2 worlds

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I have also been curios of the unknown, of the hidden dangers and treasure, of the world. I was given the name of Hoffen after the death of my father. I am yet to know the reason behind my name. I was raised by my mother, a single mother who only knew the secrets of cooking and gardening. I was to learn the secrets of farming at age 8 with the guidance of an elder farmer. For 12 hours a day, from 6 am to 6 pm, i tend to the fields with little or no rest. During my free time which was 3 hours before nightfall, 9 pm, i took classes of self-defense with the arms man of the town who was skilled at the doing. During my free days which were Saturday and Sunday I took classes in the library and in the school. I was blessed with a gift that i was able to learn writing, basic mathematics and writing easily, such tasks that took years to master, it merely took me a couple of months to master. I had astonished the teacher and the leaders of the town. I was looked upon as a different individual merely because of my talents. The mayor of the town granted me especially privileges to the library and the training grounds. As it seem i was upon the only ones that was granted this especially privileges. Upon the people that were granted these special privileges was a female of about 16 who was blessed with the available to handle weapons such as a bow and crossbow. She had also acquired my ability to learn new skills easily. I had easily been taken by her beauty. Thought I never communicated with her through my 5 years in the training grounds (i was granted access at only 10) I had always laid my eyes upon her. She like me and the rest of the people in the village was dark skinned. Thought we had been taught that our founders were light skinned, we were dark skinned mainly because of the over exposer to the sun. I have never laid eyes upon an individual with a different shade of color than our own.
I had also wondered about the mysteries of the landscape, of the mysteries that the dark ages hold. The dark ages way before the Great War, way before our time. I had never conceived the idea of escaping the quiet and peaceful life in the village and to venture into the unknown. I had never conceived that idea until the day the merchant arrived wielding the rumors of the unknown town that lay hidden in mystery.