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SS6G8 Locate selected features of Europe


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Danube River
The second-longest river of Europe. It flows from southern Germany east into the Black Sea.
Rhine River
A river in Western Europe that flows from eastern Switzerland into the North Sea.
English Channel
body of water that separates France and England
Mediterranean Sea
A large, almost landlocked arm of the Atlantic Ocean touching Europe, Asia, and Africa
European Plain
one of the largest plains on Earth and sweeps from Pyrenees Mountains across north Europe to the Ural Mountains
The Alps
Mountain range located in northern Italy
A chain of mountains between France and Spain
Ural Mountains
a mountain range that separates Europe from Asia
Iberian Peninsula
Peninsula in southwestern Europe occupied by Spain and Portugal
Scandinavian Peninsula
The peninsula in northern Europe occupied by Norway and Sweden
small country north of France and west of Germany
country north of Spain and south of the United Kingdom
country between France and Poland
boot shaped country in the Mediterranean Sea
country between Germany and the Ukraine
world's largest country; western part is in Europe and eastern part is in Asia
country south of France; makes up the majority of the Iberian Peninsula
large country between Poland and Russia
United Kingdom
includes England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland
continent north of Africa and west of Asia
Atlantic Ocean
the body of water between North America and Europe