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  1. Nonchalant
  2. Intimation
  3. Benefactor
  4. Negligible
  5. Pinnacle
  1. a so unimportant that it can be disregarded
  2. b a high peak or point
  3. c a hint, indirect suggestion
  4. d one who does good to others
  5. e cool and confident, unconcerned

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  1. proud and contemptuous; showing scorn because of a feeling of superiority
  2. shy, lacking self-confidence; modest, reserved
  3. free from error; absolutely dependable
  4. kindly, charitable
  5. dignified, majestic

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  1. Suppressan external appearance, cover, mask


  2. Alienateto turn away; to make indifferent or hostile; to transfer, convey


  3. Cogentcowardly; a coward


  4. Convergeto move toward one point, approach nearer together


  5. Impetusa moving force, impulse, stimulus


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