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to speak


to cook


to wash


to drive


to work

aspettare l'autobus

to wait for the bus


to eat


to pay

trovare cento dollari

to find $100 dollars

suonare la chitarra

to play the guitar

giocare a pallavolo

to play volleyball

comprare vestiti nuovi

to buy new clothes


to watch

aiutare mia madre

to help

imparare qualcosa interessante

to learn something interesting

tirare la palla

to throw the ball

insegnare la classe

to teach


to speak/talk


to study

viaggiare in Italia

to travel

bocciare l'esame

to fail the test

chiachierare in classe

to chat in class

gociare a carte

to play cards

dormire in class

to sleep in class

passare l'aspirapolvere

to vacuum

superare l'esame

to pass the test

capire tutto

to understand everything

finire il compito in classe

to finish the hmwk in class

pulire la casa

to clean the house

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