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  1. CFC's
  2. altitude
  3. aneroid barometer
  4. Ultraviolet
  5. Troposphere
  1. a the distance above sea level
  2. b instrument used to measure changes in air pressure without using liquid
  3. c These are released into the air and when the chlorine splits off of the molecule, it destroys the ozone molecules.
  4. d Ozone in this layer IS a pollutant
  5. e Which type of radiation is responsible for sunburns and may cause skin cancer

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  1. gas that makes up 21% of the atmosphere
  2. harmful substances in the air, water or soil
  3. layer with the least dense air
  4. the outer layer of the thermosphere
  5. The layer of gas that surrounds the earth.

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  1. Tropospherelayer with the most dense air


  2. Carbon Dioxidegas that makes up less than 1% of the atmosphere


  3. Nitrogengas that makes up 78% of the atmosphere


  4. weatherthe condition of the earth's atmosphere at a particular time and place


  5. DecreasesAs you move up in the stratosphere, this happens to the temperature of the air