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Terms....Ch 4


gigantic slabs of rock that make up the earth's crust


a break or crack in the earth's crust where plates come together


the slow process that breaks rocks down into smaller pieces


the dropping off of weathered rock

composite volcano

cone shaped volcano with explosive and gentle eruptions

shield volcano

wide flat volcano formed by layers and layers of lava building up over time

cinder-cone volcano

a volcano with steep sides that forms when pieces of lava fall around the vent

hot spot

place where magma partially melts through the earth's crust


slow movement along the faults


giant ocean wave caused by an underwater earthquake


movement of sediments and soil by wind, water, ice, and gravity


processs that create landform


processes that destroy landforms


mass movements of land due to gravity


mass movents of snow due to gravity


vibrations on earthy's surface caused by sudden movements in earth, often along a fault


excessive amount of water covering what usually is dry land

Tornado Alley

an area in the plains where tornadoes are highly likely to occur

physical weathering

rocks broken down into smaller pieces without changing the rock type

chemical weathering

when the minerals in the rocks change into other minerals....lichens

reverse fault

plates pushed together by rocks moving up example Himalaya mountains

strike slip fault

plates moving along side each other,not up or down. example San Andreas


a narrow column of wind

dormant volcano

volcano that isn't erupting anymore

normal fault

plates pull apart and the rocks above the surface move down

Ring of Fire

location in the Pacific Ocean where a bunch of volcanoes can be found


slow movement of land along the faults


melted rock beneath the earth's surface


melted rock that reaches the earth's surface

rift volcano

volcano found along the edge of spreading plates

active volcano

a volcano that is still erupting

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