Stem-Changing Verbs


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to have
to do/to make
to maintain
to want
to prefer
to be able to/"can"
I have
yo tengo
you have (informal)
tú tienes
he has
él tiene
she has
ella tiene
you have (formal)
Ud. tiene
we have (boys & girls)
nosotros tenemos
we have (girls only)
nosotras tenemos
they have (boys only)
ellos tienen
they have (girls only)
ellas tienen
you all have
Uds. tienen
I do/make
yo hago
you do/make (informal)
tú haces
he does/makes
él haces
she does/makes
ella hace
you do/make (formal)
él hace
we do/make (guys only)
nosotros hacemos
we do/make (girls only)
nosotras hacemos
they do/make (boys & girls)
ellos hacen
they do/make (girls only)
ellas hacen
you all do/make
Uds. hacen
I maintain
yo mantengo
you maintain (informal)
tú mantienes
he maintains
él mantiene
she maintains
ella mantienes
you maintain (formal)
Ud. mantiene
we maintain (guys & girls)
nosotros mantenemos
we maintain (girls) only
nosotras mantenemos
they maintain (guys only)
ellos mantienen
they maintain (girls only)
ellas mantienen
you all maintain
Uds. mantienen
I want
yo quiero
you want (informal)
tú quieres
he wants
él quiere
she wants
ella quiere
you want (formal)
Ud. quiere
we want (guys & girls)
nosotros queremos
we want (girls only)
nosotras queremos
they want (guys only)
ellos quieren
they want (girls only)
ellas quieren
you all want
Uds. quieren
I prefer
yo prefiero
you prefer (informal)
tú prefieres
he prefers
él prefiere
she prefers
ella prefiere
you prefer (formal)
Ud. prefiere
we prefer (guys & girls)
nosotros preferimos
we prefer (girls only)
nosotras preferimos
they prefer (guys only)
ellos prefieren
they prefer (girls only)
ellas prefieren
you all prefer
Uds. prefieren
I can
yo puedo
you can (informal)
tú puedes
he can
él puede
she can
ella puede
you can (formal)
Ud. puede
we can (boys only)
nosotros podemos
we can (girls only)
nosotras podemos
they can (guys & girls)
ellos pueden
they can (girls only)
ellas pueden
you all can
Uds. pueden