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PSY ch. 13

If a therapist makes an attempt to let the client know the true feelings that the therapist has for the client, this is
What two techniques are involved with being a behavior therapist
Classical and operant conditioning
Definition of cognitive treatment approaches
Treatment approaches teach people to think in more adaptive ways by changing their dysfunctional cognitions about the world and themselves
A cognitive therapist's attempts to do cognitive restructuring represents procedures designed to...
Change a pattern of thought that is causing maladaptive behavior or emotion
Tricyclics, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, and monoamine oxidase inhibitors are examples of what type of drug?
What complications are sometimes associated with the use of lithium?
Thyroid complications, kidney complications
The initial form of psychosurgery, a prefrontal _______, consisted of surgically destroying or removing parts of a patient's frontal lobes, which, surgeons thought, controlled emotionality
The prefrontal lobotomy procedure, as practiced by Walter Freeman, sought to alleviate sever symptoms of mental illness using a device similar to _______.
An ice pick
The prefrontal lobotomy procedure, as practice by _______, used an ice pick
Walter Freeman
In _______ therapy several unrelated people meet with a therapist to discuss some aspect of their psychological functioning.
What are the erroneous ways of thinking according to Beck's approach to cognitive therapy?
Overgeneralizing, absolutist thinking, magnifying bad things, seeing the world as harmful while ignoring evidence to the contrary
What are two antianxiety drugs?
Valium and Xanax
Benzodiazepines work by
Binding to the receptor sites that become overactive during a period of anxiety
ECT stands for...
Electroconvulsive therapy
When a therapist gives the client instructions to recognize the positive in one's life while it is happening, to keep track of moments of well-being, and to identify thoughts and feelings that are related to the premature ending of those moments, the therapeutic approach is called...
Well-being therapy
Biological therapies reduce or eliminate the symptoms of psychological disorders by...
Administering drugs, electroconvulsive therapy and with psychosurgery
If a client had an unreasonable fear of trucks but was locked in a truck and driven around until the fear subsided, this would be an example of the treatment approach of...
Definition of aversive conditioning
A form of therapy that reduces the frequency of undesired behavior by pairing an unpleasant stimulus with undesired behavior
The psychodynamic approach and the humanistic approach are both examples of the more general term...
Insight therapy
New procedures for treating psychotic patients include...
Providing skill training in vocational and social skills, administering small doses of antipsychotic medications over time, combining drug therapy with psychotherapy
_______ therapies are treatments to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of psychological disorders by altering the way an individual's body functions
When a therapist views a maladaptive behavior as a learned behavior, and as such it can be unlearned, this therapist is using the _______ approach.
Operant conditioning
Definition of unconditional positive regard
According to client-centered therapy, if the therapist expresses acceptance and understanding, regardless of the feelings and attitudes the client expresses, this enables the clients to come to decisions that can improve their lives
When a therapist uses the technique of "reflective speech" this therapist
Mirrors the client's own feelings back to him or her
Therapists using _______ techniques seek to help people understand themselves and to self-actualize, and find ways to come closer to the ideal they hold for themselves.
_______ therapy consists of guiding patients to consider and discuss their past experiences, in explicit detail, from the time of their first memories
When a patient does not respond to tricyclics, an alternative treatment for depression can be...
An MAO inhibitor
While the specific drug action is not clearly established, this is widely used to treat bipolar disorder.
SSRI drugs work by increasing the levels of _______ in the brain.
_______ drugs work by increasing the levels of serotonin in the brain.
What are some side effects of the tricyclic anti-depressant drugs?
Sleepiness, memory difficulties, faintness, restlessness
________ are the most widely used class of antipsychotic drugs.
________ seeks to use a variety of techniques, integrating several perspectives, to treat a person's problems.
The eclectic approach to therapy
________ drugs are used mainly in three diagnostic categories: anxiety disorders, mood disorders and schizophrenia
What are three side effects of antianxiety drugs?
Loss of coordination, fatigue, mental slowness
Contemporary psychodyniamic therapies differ from the original approach in that contemporary theories
Typically have their clients sit in a chair, see them less frequently, and place more importance on the conscious mind
While the exact mechanism is not known, ________, the drug used to treat bipolar disorder, is thought to influence mood by influencing ________ levels.
Lithium; norepinephrine and serotonin
What are three SSRIs?
Prozac, Paxil and Zoloft
What are some side effects of SSRIs?
Insomnia, anxiety, headache, reduces sexual functioning
Psychoanalysts using the technique of ________ tell patients to say aloud whatever comes to mind
Free association
Define humanistic therapy
Therapy in which the underlying rationale is that people have control of their behavior, can make choices about their lives, and are essentially responsible for solving their own problems