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Romero movie questions

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When does the movie take place?
in the late 1970's
In what country does it take place?
El Salvador
Where is El Salvador?
Central America (or Latin America)
In El Salvador, what is the traditional role of the Roman Catholic Church? What is the Church expected to do with the people of El Salvador?
The Church's role was to control the poor.
At the end of the movie, what is the role of the Roman Catholic Church in relation to the people of El Salvador?
The Church will side with the poor against the rich, the government and the military. It became the protector of the poor. The Church became the voice of the people.
What position does Romero hold in both the Church and the country?
He is an archbishop of El Salvador. This made him a religious leader and a major political figure.
How is Romero seen by Church officials at the beginning of the movie?
They didn't think he would live long. They thought he was a good compromise candidate.
How does Romero change the role of the Church in El Salvador?
Romero changes the loyalties of the church - from catering to the wealthy to working for and with the poor.
What causes Romero to change his views on the country's struggles and on the role that the Church must play?
When he saw the government killing innocent people and priests as well as taking over the churches.
What United States action does Romero oppose?
providing weapons to the government and military
How does Romero die?
He was assassinated while celebrating mass
In what year does Romero die?
What is the result of Romero's death?
The people now had a martyr for their cause and for a Civil War.
Which groups of people in El Salvador comprise the poor?
peasant farmers, lower status priests, indigenous people
Which groups of people in El Salvador comprise the wealthy?
military, land owners, government, hierarchy of the church, Europeans
Between which 2 groups of people is the conflict within the movie?
The rich and the poor
The Roman Catholic hierarchy, in the past, was traditionally aligned with which group of people in El Salvador?
the wealthy
What specific issue underlies the conflict within the movie?
land reform
Who was the book worm who became the voice of the Salvadoran people; assassinated
Archbishop Oscar Romero
Who was the Jesuit priest who gets killed; President calls him a communist; good friend of Romero
Farther Grande
Who was the daughter of prominent land owner who wanted Romero to baptize her baby; husband kidnapped and killed by Guerrillas
Arista Zelda
Who was the minister of agriculture, son in law of prominent land owner; kidnapped and murdered by Guerrillas
Rafael Zelda
Who was in charge of the death squad; ran the prision where Father Osuna was tortured; shot up bus at beginning of the movie
Lieutenant Columa
Who was the Jesuit priest who got tortured by electricity; shared information with Romero about kidnapped Zelda
Father Alfonzo Osuna
Who was the President of country after military Junta "steals" the election of 1977; said there are no political prisoners
General Humberto
Whose husband is killed when national guard opens fire during Mass in Aguilares; works closely with Fr. Osuna and Morantes; gets kidnapped, killed, and tongue cut out.