Fast Food Nation Questions

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How does the amount of money spent on fast food compare with the amount spent on other things in our society?
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What are some of the parallels between Ray Kroc and Walt Disney?Kroc wanted to copy Disneyland and make it better, but instead they, together, made Play lands and McDonalds Land all over the U.S.How does the author describe Walt Disney and Ray Kroc's involvement in politics?They took out the trolley system so that people were forced to buy cars.What is synergy in marketing and what are some of the ways that fast food companies practice synergy?Synergy is a business marketing strategy where two companies unite in order to double profits for the two companies. For example, Disney advertises their toys in McDonalds HappyMeals, making kids want to go to McDonalds to collect the toy. Also resulting in the kid wanting to go to Disneyland becuase of their love of their favorite character. McDonalds are also implaced in the parks. Another example is Walt Disney signed licensing deals with firms prior to the release of his film, Snow White, as well as the distributing of toys, books, clothes, and snacks to stores before the release of the movie.Why, in the 1980s, did companies start marketing to kids and what were some of the ways they did this?So they could present themselves as good influences throughout the kids' lives. Usually if something is good in a child's childhood it will forever remain good. Also so that children would be more likely to force their parents to take them for the kids meals, and toys that fast food restaurants would sell to gain their attraction.How successful have efforts been to limit advertising aimed at children?Unsuccessful, until recentlyWhat does the author say about marketing fast food products in the schools?Helps when there are cutbacks from federal funds. Schoolchildren are becoming a captive audience for marketers, compelled by a law to attend school and then forced to looks at ads as a means of paying for their on education. Schools are gold minds for companies looking for a younger audience.What is "Liquid Candy"?A 1999 study describing the harmful effects of soft drinks on the nations children along with the rise of popularity of soda within the past years