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Functional group for carboxylic acids


Bond angle of carboxylic acid functional group

Trigonal planar

3 dimensional shape of the functional group of carboxylic acids

Condensation polymers '(polyesters)'

Dicarboxylic acids, are molecules that have two carboxyl groups on one carbon (-COOH)₂. And are important in the preparation of;

Hydrogen bonds 'forming between the O⁻ and -O-H⁺ of the carboxylic acid and water'

Short chain carboxylic acids are soluble due to;

Proton donors

Due to the electronegative oxygen molecules, the O-H bond is weak, resulting in the carboxylic acid acting as a;

Hydrogen gas and salt

Carboxylic acids react with metals to form;

Salt and water

Carboxylic acid and alkalis form;

Carbon dioxide, salt and water

Carboxylic acids and carbonates form;

Acid catalyst

What kind of catalyst is needed for the process of esterification of carboxylic acids?


Other than the catalyst what is the one of condition required for esterification

Ester and water

What does carboxylic acid and alcohol form?

Hydrochloric or sulfuric acid

What can the acid catalyst for esterification be either of?

Hydrogen ions

What from the acid catalysts are actually used in the process, the 'actual' catalysts.

More reactive

What is the difference between Acid anhydrides and carboxylic acids (property)

No catalyst required

In what way is the reaction of an Acid anhydride with alcohol easier than carboxylic acid with alcohol (condition)

Ester and Carboxylic acid

What is formed from the reaction of Acid anhydride and alcohol

-oic acid

What is the nomenclature for carboxylic acids.

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