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-mix of words between "mock" and "documentary"
-comments on current issues, or used as parody
Dark Comedy
-Comedy which has a serious implication
-experience laughter and discomfort simultaneously
Screwball Comedy
a type of highly-verbal comedy prevalent in 1930's Hollywood, and typified by frenetic action, verbal wit and wisecracks (substituting or serving as a metaphoric euphemism for sex), a battle of the sexes with conflict that is ultimately resolved - all elements that serve as important plot points.
-extravagant, improbable situations
-mistaken identity
-sexual innuendo and double entendre
-gender bending
-chase scenes
slapstick comedy
comedy involving exaggerated physical activity
involves comedic themes or gimmicks; repetitive behaviors or dialogue routines.
mimics in a humorous way another genre, or specific film
comic timing
the use of rhythm, tempo, and pausing to enhance comedy and humor. The pacing of the delivery of a joke can have a strong impact on its comedic effect, even altering it's meaning; the same can also be true of more physical comedy, such as slapstick.