Social Studies/Chap 7/lessons 4-5

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How does supply and demand affect consumers and businesses?ex: tobacco was high the price of tobacco rose and the supply increasedWhat caused English colonists to begin looking for new places to trade their goods?the cause was some people didn't know some of the crops were so paid a high price for itWhat were some effects of the new trade?Maryland and Virginia farmers began growing corn and wheat for exportWhy did colonists initially start their own businesses?Colonists could not afford to import all the goods they needed from England. The distance also made it impossible to get goods quickly.assemblya lawmaking body; House of Burgessess was Virginia's first assembly. They met in 1619.legislationthe making or passing of bills. Bills were passed by the assemblies.militiaa military force made up by volunteers similar to the National Guard.delegatea member of the assembly; they were either wealthy landowners, lawyers or merchants. They were elected into office.constablea town officer; responsible for making people obey the law and keep the peace.treasonthe betrayal of one's country by giving help to the enemy.Richard Henry Leeserved as Burgesses they felt there duty to help the govern the colonyJohn Lockean English philosopher who believed that government was responsible for protecting people's natural rights. If government does not do that, then people have the right to look for new leaders.John Peter ZengerA German immigrant who was put in jail for writing an article about a royal governor being dishonest. When brought to court, he was found not guilty. His trial and ruling helped establish freedom of the press.Phillis Wheatleyan enslaved African poet. She learned to read and write from her slave owner, John Wheatley. She published a book of poetry in 1773 called Poems on Various Subjects: Religious and Moral.How did assemblies try to control colonial governors?they were law making bodiesWho was allowed to vote in the colonies?White males who owned property.Who elected the governor in Connecticut and Rhode Island?votersWhat were some of the major duties of the colonial assemblies?they were supposed to make the law like innocent until proven guilty lawWhat is freedom of the press?Colonists could speak or print the truth without being fear of being put in jail.