18 terms

PSY ch. 11

Define social psychology
The scientific study of how people's thoughts, feelings, and actions are affected by others
The ________ attribution error is the tendency to explain the behavior of others in terms of their personalities rather than aspects of the situation.
What is the social psychological term for a change in behavior in response to the commands of others?
Define groupthink
A type of thinking in which group members share such a strong motivation to achieve consensus that they lose the ability to critically evaluate alternative points of view
________ is behavior directed toward individuals on the basis of their membership in a particular group.
________ social influence is the influence that other people have on us because we want them to like and approve of us.
Define attribution theory
The theory of personality that seeks to explain how we decide, on the basis of samples of an individual's behavior, what the specific causes of that person's behavior are
When people tend to explain behavior in terms of personalities, rather than the situation, this refers to which of the following?
Fundamental attribution error
What best describes social exchange theory?
The equity in a relationship
Social ________ describes an imitative behavior involving the spread of behaviors, emotions, and ideas
Define cognitive dissonance
The conflict that occurs when a person hold two contradictory attitudes or thoughts
The ________ learning approach to aggression emphasizes that social and environmental conditions can teach individuals to be aggressive
The influence other people have on us because we want to be correct is referred to as ________.
Informational social influence
________ social influence is the influence that other people have on us because we want them to like and approve of us
the term ________ is used to describe a process which occurs when being part of a group reduces personal identity and erodes the sense of personal responsibility.
According to ________ theory, individuals often make inferences about their attitudes by perceiving their own behavior
Self-perception theory
Solomon Asch's experiment
Line perception
Group ________ effect is the solidification and further strengthening of an individual's position as a consequence of a group discussion