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αἰδεομαι (αἰδέομαι)

I revere (I reverence, i.e., show reverence to)

ἀιδεσομαι (αἰδέσομαι)

I will revere (I will reverence)

ᾐδεσαμην (ᾐδεσάμην)

I revered (I reverenced)

ἀφιημι (ἀφίημι)

I send away (dismiss, hurl, drive off)

ἀφησω (ἀφήσω)

I will send away (will dismiss, will hurl, will drive off)

ἀφηκα (ἀφῆκα, αφέηκα)

I sent away (dismissed, hurled, drove off)

εἰμι (εἶμι)

I go (I come--often used as future: I will go, I will come)

εἰσομαι (εἴσομαι)

I will go ( will come)

ἐπευφημεω (ἐπευφημέω)

I shout assent (approve)

ἐπευφημησω (ἐπευφημήσω)

I will shout assent (will approve)

ἐπευφημησα (ἐπευφήμησα)

I shouted assent (approved)

κιχανω (κιχάνω)

I come upon (overtake, arrive [at])

κιχησομαι (κιχήσομαι)

I will come upon (will overtake, will arrive [at])

ἐκιχησαμην (ἐκιχησάμην)

I came upon (overtook, arrived at)

τελλω (τέλλω)

I command (enjoin [upon], accomplish, rise)

ἐτειλα (ἔτειλα)

I commanded (enjoined [upon], accomplished)

ἐπειμι (ἔπειμι)

I come upon (come on, approach--sometimes used as fut.)

ἐπεισομαι (ἐπείσομαι)

I will come upon (will come on, will approach)

ἐποιχομαι (ἐποίχομαι)

I go to (go against, attack, ply)

ἐποιχησομαι (ἐποιχήσομαι)

I will go to (will go against, will attack, will ply)

ἐρεθιζω (ἐρεθίζω)

I vex

ἐρεθισω (ἐρεθίσω)

I will vex

ἠρεθισα (ἠρέθισα)

I vexed

χραισμεω (χραισμέω)

I help (assist, benefit, avail-- w. dative)

χραισμησω (χραισμήσω)

I will help (will assist, benefit, avail-- w. dative)

ἐχραισμησα (ἐχραίσμησα)

I helped (assisted, benefited, availed--w. dative)

ἀντιαω (ἀντιάω or ἀντιόω)

I approach (prepare, partake, share, go to meet)

ἀντιασω (ἀντιάσω)

I will approach (prepare, partake, share, go to meet)

ἠντιασα (ἠντίασα)

I approached (prepared, partook, shared, went to meet, plied)

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