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  1. hyperbole
  2. hypertrophy
  3. hypercritical
  4. hypoglycemia
  5. hypothetical
  1. a abnormally low level of sugar in the blood
  2. b extravagant exaggeration of statement
  3. c excessive growth or development, as of a body part
  4. d overcritical
  5. e assumed without proof for the purpose of reasoning; conjectural

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  1. superabundance of blood
  2. overactive
  3. marked by excessive activity of the thyroid gland
  4. farsightedness
  5. low blood pressure

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  1. hypothermiaespecially high fever; hyperpyrexia


  2. hypertensionlow blood pressure


  3. hyperglycemiaabnormally low level of sugar in the blood


  4. hypersensitiveoveractive


  5. hyperacidityexcessive acidity