Fairy Tale Elements_ 21t4

Review of the 11 important fairytale elements.

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Sets the story up for something that happened long ago or far away.
Problem or Conflict
Something that keeps our protagonist from getting what they want--usually caused by the antagonist.
Usually has to go through a challenge to prove their worth.
King, Queen, Prince, Princess or castle play a part in the plot.
Antagonist/ Villian
This character challenges the Protagonist. In the end they are killed or learn their lesson.
3, 7, sometimes 13
These have been seen as magical or special thoughout history.
Witches, fairy Godmothers, and/or transformations are all important to the plot.
Special Words or Phrases
These change the course of the story; they are usually magical, but not always. Repeated to show importance.
Fantasy or Make-believe
Characters like fairies, monsters, or the personification of animals and objects.
Happy Ending
Protagonist--Wins; Antagonist-fails and is punnished or dies. The story ends with a version of this saying...
The lesson learned by the reader and sometimes the protagonist and/or antagonist.