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  1. organoid
  2. xanthochromic
  3. carcinogen
  4. somatopathy
  5. neopathy
  1. a substance that causes cancer
  2. b new disease
  3. c pertaining to yellow color
  4. d resembling an organ
  5. e disease of the body

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  1. increase in the severity of a disease or its symptoms
  2. malignant tumor of striated muscle
  3. pertaining to a (body) system (or the body as a whole)
  4. pertaining to epithelium
  5. pertaining to the internal organs

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  1. adenomatumor composed of nerve (benign)


  2. Cadiagnosis


  3. xanthosisabnormal condition of yellow (discoloration)


  4. leiomyosarcomamalignant tumor of fat.


  5. histologystudy of tissue