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  1. mets
  2. epithelial
  3. leiomyosarcoma
  4. adenoma
  5. somatoplasm
  1. a metastasis
  2. b pertaining to epithelium
  3. c malignant tumor of smooth muscle.
  4. d tumor composed of glandular tissue
  5. e body substance

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  1. pertaining to a disease of unknown origin
  2. beyond control (spread of disease from one organ to another, as in the transfer of malignant tumors.)
  3. produced by a physician (the unexpected results from a treatment prescribed by a physician.)
  4. malignant tumor composed of fiber (fibrous tissue)
  5. study of tissue

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  1. leukocytecell with a nucleus


  2. rhabdomyosarcomamalignant tumor of striated muscle


  3. neuromatumor composed of nerve (benign)


  4. erythrocytosisincrease in the number of white (blood) cells.


  5. lipoidresembling fat


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