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  1. myopathy
  2. liposarcoma
  3. fibroma
  4. cytoplasm
  5. epithelioma
  1. a cell substance
  2. b tumor composed of fiber (fibrous tissue) (benign)
  3. c malignant tumor of fat.
  4. d tumor composed of epithelium (may be benign or malignant)
  5. e disease of the muscle

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  1. tumor composed of nerve (benign)
  2. white (blood) cell
  3. resembling a nerve
  4. study of cells
  5. originating in the body (organic as opposed to psychologic)

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  1. XRTradiation therapy


  2. xanthochromicproducing disease


  3. chemochemotherapy


  4. carcinogensubstance that causes cancer


  5. dysplasiaincomplete development (of an organ or tissues)