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  1. epithelioma
  2. hyperplasia
  3. metastasis
  4. cytology
  5. chemotherapy (chemo)
  1. a excessive development (number of cells)
  2. b study of cells
  3. c treatment of cancer with drugs
  4. d tumor composed of epithelium (may be benign or malignant)
  5. e beyond control (spread of disease from one organ to another, as in the transfer of malignant tumors.)

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  1. increase in the number of red (blood) cell
  2. radiation therapy
  3. new disease
  4. increase in the number of white (blood) cells.
  5. tumor of green color (malignant, arising from myeloid tissue)

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  1. organoidresembling an organ


  2. liposarcomatumor composed of fat.


  3. pathologythe study of tumors (a branch of medicine concerned with the study of malignant tumors)


  4. dysplasiaincomplete development (of an organ or tissues)


  5. Malignantcancerous