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  1. adenocarcinoma
  2. RBC
  3. pathogenic
  4. chemo
  5. carcinogen
  1. a cancerous tumor of glandular tissue.
  2. b substance that causes cancer
  3. c red blood cell
  4. d chemotherapy
  5. e producing disease

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  1. pertaining to an organ
  2. malignant tumor of fat.
  3. study of tissue
  4. study of cells
  5. cell with a nucleus

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  1. cytoplasmnew growth (of abnormal tissue or tumor)


  2. leiomyosarcomamalignant tumor of smooth muscle.


  3. cytogenicproduced by a physician (the unexpected results from a treatment prescribed by a physician.)


  4. oncogeniccausing tumors


  5. xanthosisabnormal condition of blue (bluish discoloration of the skin caused by inadequate supply of oxygen in the blood)