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poem in verse form that tells a story and is meant to be sung or recited


poem of lament, praise, and consolation, usually formal and sustained, over the death of a person; medtitative poem in a plantive or sorrowful mood


extended narrative poem, usually simple in consturction, but grand in scope, exalted in style, heroic in theme, often expression to the ideas of a nation or race


speaker's expression of a emotional element, brief


type of lyric or melic verse, usually irregular, considerable length, sometimes divided in accordance with transitions of throught and mood


14 lines, grouped in 3 quatrains, followed by a detached rhyme

figurative language

words, phrases, symbols, and ideas that evoke mental images


elements in a literary work used to evoke mental images


word or phrase literally denoting 1 object or idea is applied to another, thereby sugesting a likeness or anology


comparison is made between 2 unalike things using like or as


distinctive human characteristics are given to an animal or object

poetic sound devices

techniques that a poet uses to create a certin sound or musical quality in his/her poetry


also called head rhyme or initial rhyme, the repetition of the inital sounds of stress syllables in neighboring wors or at short intervals with in a line or passage


relatively close juxtapositions of the same or similar vowel sound, but with different end consonants in a line or passage, thus a vowel rhyme


close repetition of the same end consonants of stressed syllables with differerent vowel sounds


using words that imitate the sound they denote


basic artistic device, fundamental to any conception of poetry


essential of all poetry, regular or progressive of recurrent accents in the flow of a poem as determined by the arses and theses of the metrical feet


be similar in sound, especially with respect to the last syllable

rhyme scheme

pattern established by the arrangement of rhymes in a stanza or poem


choice of words, phrases, sentence structures, and figuratative language in literary work


literal dictionary meanings of a word


suggestion of a meaning by a word beyond what is explicitly denotes


implied or indirect reference to something assumed to be known


address is made to an absent or deceased person or a peronified thing rhetorically


conjoining contradictory terms


play on words

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