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In the term "CEM", the "E" stands for:


The author argues that feedback can be seen as a form of __________________________.


Open communication occurs best when:

A. people feel their opinions are valued.
B. people feel they will be rewarded, or at least not punished, for their opinions.

The easiest feedback system is a customer feedback card.


The time to gain insight from an unhappy customer is:

at the time of the problem

The most critical question you can ask your customer is

would you recommend us to a friend?

Customers who rate companies 7 or 8 on the Net Promoter Score are known as:


A business that is "reluctant compliant" will

make a half-hearted effort at customer service

Which of the following involves organized discussion among a representative group of customers?

Focus group

An active listener company will listen to complaints, but will do little to implement improvements.


In the approach we have adopted to customer service management, it is all about "LIFE." In this approach, "F" stands for:


What percentage of its customers will an average company lose every five years?


British Airways finds that "recovered" customers give the airline more of their business after they have been won back


In customer service management, the preferred measure of the monetary benefits of a customer is:

Customer Lifetime Value

The first and easiest step in custome recovery is:

Conduct defection interviews

Giving the customer something to make up for the problem they have had is:

Symbolic atonement

According to the Hostility Curve, between which stages of a dispute should you "say something supportive"?

Between slow down and cool off

Most people tend to understand and don't hold grudge against the other party when:

None of these:
A. Their phone calls are not returned.
B. Their emails are not answered.
C. They are not thanked for their support and effort.

Assertiveness and abrasiveness are


Which of the following behaviors is NOT characteristic of aggressive people?

Using carefully chosen words to avoid manipulations.

The letter "E" in the LIFE acronym stands for:


Value arises from a tradeoff between:

benefits gained and costs expended

Intrinsic Value arises from the:

core product or service itself

External value arises from

Peripheral (Associated) value + Potential value.

Associated value of a product goes beyond the core product, but is still essential to the product


In the formula for the Expectations Gap Hypothesis, G(gap)=A-E, the A stands for:

Actual experiences

Which of the following examples is NOT an example of something a company can do to enhance extrinsic value?

multiple varieties

Customers will perceive long-term warranties as:

of higher value than short term warranties

To enhance value through goodness of product fit:

think of customers as individuals, not demographic groups.

Packaging enhances the value of a product or service, even if core value remains unchanged.


Customers of online stores have come to expect e-tailers to send immediate email acknowledgment showing:

Status of the order.
Shipping dates.

Communication efficiency is:

A ratio of the costs of communicating relative to the number of people reached by the message.

Communication effectiveness is best achieved when the message is:

remembered for a reasonable period of time

The best companies to work for:

Typically use multi-faceted employee training.

According to Mr. Tucker, the Old Masters speaker on Tuesday, INDUX stands for

Indiana ducks

Clear business communication means:

avoiding jargon

Which of the following is a hindrance to clear communication?

failure to express appreciation

The concept of bringing customers together to share or disseminate information is:

A user group

Critical actions in E-commerce include:

making customer support easily accessible

If several people are asking the same question, you have:

an information problem

Customer convenience stems from:

speed of service and ease of doing business.

Many companies fall into the trap of:

overpromising and under delivering

Failing to share a customer's sense of urgency about time:

A. leads to customer frustration and unfulfilled expectations.
B. discounts the customer.

According to your text (and the lecture), the Ritz-Carlton notion of empowerment of employees is the prime example of which type of convenience policy?

Once and done service

The best way to win customer loyalty is to:

set an expectation that you know you can beat

Fill in the blank: In customer service, according to the text (and lecture), we should _________ customer time with convenience innovations.


The first step to reduce waiting time is to:

A. encourage customers to come in at times that are typically slow.
B. anticipate peak-load times and plan staffing accordingly.
C. plan for seasonal demands.

Most people have a realistic perception of time while they are waiting


Which of the following is NOT a method of reducing wait time perception?

telling the customer the average wait time

Speed is easier to work with than convenience.


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