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Classical Conditioning


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-Someone who is conditioned has learned a new behavior by going through the same process many times
Classical conditioning
a type of learning where we learn to associate two stimuli and expect reward or punishment.
-After Repetition the dog will expect food:
Stimuli: Hear the sound + food
Response: drooling expecting food
Unconditioned stimulus
Not learned
A stimulus that causes a response that is automatic, done without thinking (instinctive)
-Dog eats food and drools
Unconditioned response
The normal reaction to something - During the beginning of the experiment the dog hears the sound - (does not expect food)
Conditioned stimulus
A neutral stimulus (sound) paired with an unconditioned stimulus (food) that causes a response (drooling)
Conditioned response
A learned response to a stimulus that was previously neutral
-Dog hears the sound and expects to eat food (drools)
The aroma of brewing coffee makes your heart race. US? CS? CR?
Unconditioned stimulus: the caffeine, drinking the coffee
• Conditioned stimulus: the aroma of the coffee
• Conditioned response: heart racing
Something that produces a reaction
a reaction to a stimulus
a relatively permanent change in behavior due to experience